The mystery deepens in Episode 2 of Hallmark’s new show

The mystery deepens in Episode 2 of Hallmark’s new show

Hallmark’s new show The Way Home continues with Episode 2. For a full recap of Episode 1, click here.

The Way Home, “Scar Tissue”

When the episode opens, Kat is driving around looking for Alice, who disappeared earlier that day.

Alice is in 1999, talking to a teenage Elliot. He refuses to believe she is from the future. She leads him to the pond and tells him that when she jumps in, she’ll disappear. She then leaps into the water, and when she doesn’t resurface, Elliot begins to panic. He jumps in to find her but she is gone.

In the present day, Kat arrives home and finds a dripping-wet Alice. When Alice tells her she was trying to find her way home, Kat thinks she means she was trying to go back to Minneapolis and begins shouting. Alice tells her mother that she was a much happier person as a teenager. Kat grounds her daughter.


Del is talking to her friend Rita and tells her about Alice going missing. Rita becomes concerned. She tells Del that it might be too difficult to have her daughter and granddaughter staying with her. She has been through so much with the loss of her husband and son. Del asks Rita about the letter Kat received. Rita denies that she’s the one who sent it.

Brady calls Kat to tell her that a publisher is interested in having her write about the Landry family tragedy. She is reluctant but Brady urges her to think it over.

Time travel

At school, Elliot explains to Alice that she is the only one who can time travel and tells her to be careful how much time she spends away from the present day as it will worry her mother.

Kat goes to Jacob’s room and looks through his things. When Del finds her there, she becomes irritated. She says if she is going to stay at the house, she can at least make herself useful. She sends Kat to drop off some honey at The Point Cafe, where she runs into her old friend Monica. It turns out that Del arranged a job interview for Kat. Embarrassed, Kat says she doesn’t need a job as she is about to start writing a book.

Del and Alice at the farmers market. (Image: Hallmark Media)
(Image: Hallmark Media)

Mother vs  Daughter

At dinner, Kat tells Del about her book deal. Del is furious and forbids Kat from writing about the family. Alice demands to know exactly what happened to Jacob, but her mother and grandmother refuse to answer.

Kat goes over to see Elliot and they talk. She asks if he remembers their friend Alice from high school. Kat says she found an old picture but that Alice’s image was blurry.

Alice goes online to find information about her uncle. Her dad calls and tells her she can come back to Minneapolis if she wants. Alice hangs up. Her Google search about Jacob refuses to load.

Alice goes to the pond and jumps in. But when she surfaces, she is still in the present day. She begins to cry.

Trip to town

When Alice arrives home, Del is loading up produce to take to the farmers market and invites Alice to come along. In town, Alice is surprised to see how well-known and well-liked her grandmother is. She also seems happier.

Kat wakes up and finds a note Alice left for her. On her way to the farmers market, she remembers making the trip with Colton to hand out flyers to help find her missing brother. When she arrives, she yells at Del for allowing Alice out when she is supposed to be grounded. Alice begs Rita to tell her what happened to Jacob, but she refuses.

Kat goes to visit her father’s grave at the cemetery and is shocked to find a grave for her brother, also. She had no idea that Del had finally declared Jacob dead.

Teenage Elliot talks to Alice in Hallmark's new show The Way Home. (Image: Hallmark Media)
(Image: Hallmark Media)

Look to the past

Alice goes to the local newspaper office and searches for information about Jacob. She finds an article about her uncle going missing. Del arrives at the office and tells Alice it is time to go home. On the drive back to the farm, Del explains that she lost her son and husband within three months of each other. She says if she tells Alice what happened, Alice can never speak of it again.

They arrive home and Kat confronts Del about having Jacob declared dead. Del says it was time. She says that she wrote the letter Kat received right after she had Jacob declared dead, but that she never mailed it. She explains that she has planned a memorial service for him.

Kat leaves the house to take a moment to herself. When she returns, Alice is sitting at the kitchen table. She tells Kat she wants to stay in Port Haven and learn about her family.

The family list

As Del gets ready for the memorial service, Kat shows Alice a list kept by the family. Every time someone is born, their name is added to the list. When they die, the date is noted next to their name.

At the memorial service, Del gives a moving eulogy. When they return to the farmhouse, Brady is waiting on the porch. Kat says she is not returning to the city because she needs to spend time with her family.

Alice goes to the pond and jumps in. When she surfaces, it is 1999.

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