Jack Wagner as Bill Avery on the Hallmark series When Calls the Heart. (Image: Hallmark Media)

In a recent appearance on social media, Jack Wagner told fans how excited he was for Bill Avery, the character he plays on the hit Hallmark series When Calls the Heart.

“There’s a smokin’ hot blonde that comes to town and he goes for it,” he said during a Facebook Live appearance to promote the series. “What can I say?”

Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner has played Bill Avery on the series since Season 1. He originally arrived in Hope Valley (then called Coal Valley) to investigate an explosion at the mine. He stayed on and became sheriff and then a judge.

During Season 9, he developed a severe cough and was advised by the town’s doctor (played by Andrea Brooks) to go to the city for an X-ray.

At the start of Season 10, he discovered a set of hot springs just outside of town. Though he wanted to keep the news to himself, word got out and tourists began showing up to see for themselves.

Stefanie Von Pfetten as Madeline St. John on When Calls the Heart. (Image: Hallmark Media)
Stefanie Von Pfetten as Madeline St. John on When Calls the Heart. (Image: Hallmark Media)

In an interview with Digital Journal, Wagner talked about how his character shows more vulnerability in this season than he has in the past.

“It has been nice to have some scenes with Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, where my character shows some vulnerability,” he said. “I love how by the book my character is, and I also like the comedy that he brings to the series.”

New romance

In Episode 3 of Season 10, Bill finds a car blocking the hitching post at the saloon. When he goes inside to complain to Lucas, he finds out that the car belongs to Madeline St. John (played by Stefanie Von Pfetten), a beautiful woman who is new to town.

Over the years, Bill Avery has had a few romantic interests. When he first arrived in Hope Valley, he was drawn to Abigail Stanton (played by Lori Loughlin). He also courted local widow Dottie Ramsey (played by Erica Carroll) as well as AJ Foster, who was played by his Wedding March co-star Josie Bissett.

In the Facebook appearance, Wagner said he is excited for viewers to see the storyline.

“So Bill, we’ve seen him a bit verklempt in this season and at a crossroads in terms of, you know, is he really going to change his life,” he said. “…It’s mysterious, it’s a bit dangerous, but yet we see him open his heart and actually feel romance for the first time in quite a while.”

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