Andrea Brooks is pregnant! The When Calls the Heart star is expecting her second child.

Andrea Brooks is pregnant with her second child. The When Calls the Heart star revealed she has been filming Season 10 of the show while expecting.

“At this point, I feel like I could almost write a book on how to hide a pregnancy on television,” Brooks said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “This is the second time I’ve shot a season of When Calls the Heart while pregnant — the last time was Season 7 — and I am forever grateful to Hallmark Channel, our writers, showrunner, directors and producers, for all of their continued support!”

Andrea Brooks is pregnant

Brooks, who plays Dr. Faith Carter on Hallmark’s hit series, gave birth to her daughter, Viola, in December 2019. In an interview shortly before Viola’s birth, Brooks said she was trying to keep a level head.

“I’ve been attending my pregnancy classes and trying to avoid spending too much time on Google,” Brooks said. “I’m already a worry-wart, and sometimes the internet keeps me up worrying about some pretty strange things.”

When Calls the Heart cast

Brooks said her co-workers have been incredibly supportive.

“The major benefit of being a part of a show that’s been on-air for nearly a decade is the tight-knit community we’ve formed as a cast and crew,” Brooks said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s been so exciting to see so many people from our show grow up, get engaged, get married, and start families. We also have a LOT of parents on our show. I’ve had so many meaningful conversations on set about preschool, babies, parenting, and balancing it all. Pascale Hutton is always able to answer any question I have about raising kids and I’m always so appreciative of her advice. Also, the costume department left me an adorable crochet baby hat in my trailer the other day.”

Andrea Brooks with her daughter, Viola. The Hallmark star is expecting her second child.
Andrea Brooks with her daughter, Viola. The Hallmark star is expecting her second child. (Image: Instagram/@andreakbrooks)

It’s a boy!

Brooks said she is expecting a boy at the end of the year. She has a list of possible names in mind but it is constantly changing.

“Viola, on the other hand, has already named the baby!” she said. “If we’re not careful I’m afraid she might sign the birth certificate on our behalf.”

As for cravings, Brooks said she has been eating lots of hummus and veggies and drinking hot chocolate. During her first pregnancy, she craved pickles, eggnog, and Subway sandwiches.

Erin Krakow still texts me pictures of subs to this day because it was such an integral part of my last pregnancy,” she said.

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