An image from Chesapeake Shores Season 5, Episode 4, "Happy Trails"

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Recap Season 5, Episode 4, "Happy Trails"

When the episode starts, Connor is at work. One of the partners invites him for a drink in his office. Linda is there, too. They both start asking Connor about his father’s business. Connor says he worked construction during the summers when he was a teenager. Linda asks if he ever did legal work for the business. The partner says they just want some background on how his dad does business.

“I have to tell you I’m not comfortable with this conversation,” Connor says.

Thomas and Mick are packing up for a 2-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. They plan on hiking to a spot where they had their picture taken years ago. Before they leave, Jess tells them to watch out for the Snallygaster. It is a mythical creature that is supposed to inhabit the Maryland woods. It is supposed to be half-bird, half-octopus. Her inn is filled with guests who are in town for the annual Snallygaster hunt.

Thomas says they’ll keep an eye out for it.

An image from Chesapeake Shores Season 5, Episode 4, "Happy Trails”
(Image: Crown Media)


Connor is working in his office when Margaret comes in and asks for some documents. He takes them out of his drawer. She asks if he has a lock for the drawer. He says yes, but he hasn’t set it up yet. She warns him not to leave things lying around. He says putting something in his desk isn’t leaving it around. She points out the desk and everything in it technically belongs to the law firm.

Meg and Abby drop Thomas and Mick off. Meg is worried, Abby says they’ll be fine. She mentions that Mick and Meg have been spending a lot of time together.

“I don’t mean to pry but are you two getting back together?” she asks.

“I think so,” Meg says. “We haven’t made it official.”

“But you’re dating,” Abby says.

“Yeah,” Meg says.

Connor goes to see Abby. He tells her he thinks he is getting spied on since the firm is representing Paul Dilpher. Abby tells him to be careful.

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Maid of honor

Jess and Meg doing seating arrangements for the wedding. Jess is still trying to decide whether to ask Bree or Abby to be her maid of honor.

Mick and Thomas are on the trail. They talk about their dad. Thomas says Mick got away with everything because he was an athlete.

At the inn, Jess welcomes the Snallygaster hunters. She mentions that Teddy Roosevelt went on a Snallygaster hunt once.

She goes over to talk to Meg, who is still trying to figure out what to do about Arthur Driscoll. She decides to take some of the “Snally snacks” Jess is serving — mini corn muffins with cheese — and bring them to Arthur.

When she arrives, she tells Arthur that she spent 17 years as a curator at the Met. He slams the door in her face.

“I just want the world to know about your work,” she says.

Thomas and Mike finally see the boulder where they had their picture taken. But when they try to reach it, they fall off the side of a ridge. Thomas sprains his ankle.

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Lost in the woods

Jess is stressing out about the wedding. Abby keeps getting texts from Evan Kincaid, who wants her input on all the details for his hotel. She ignores his messages, saying to Jess that he needs to figure out some things on his own.

Jess asks Abby if she is bringing a plus one to the wedding. Abby asks her who she would bring. Jess mentions Jay Ross.

Abby says, “What if it’s just a rebound fling?”

Jess says, “That might be just what you need.”

Mick tries to climb up to the ridge to get a cell phone signal. He falls down and hurts his shoulder.

Connor visits Abby on a construction site. She says she can’t find the original property deed for one of their clients and asks for his help looking for it. He agrees to help her. When he sees a guy taking pictures of the site, he gets upset. Abby tells him it’s just a county inspector. He takes photos of their properties all the time.

Connor says he is just on edge. He feels like he can trust anyone at the firm.

Kevin goes to talk to his boss, who is stressed out because he can’t find his car keys. Kevin finds them in the fridge. His boss thanks Kevin, referring to him as Carl. Kevin reminds him of his name.

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Tae kwon do

Abby is picking up her daughters from tae kwon do. The teacher asks if she wants to hit the punching bag, just to get some stress out. Abby does and the teacher mentions that she also teaches adult classes. When she asks if Abby would like to try one, she says yes.

Kevin goes to talk to his boss. He asks him if everything is okay.

“I don’t mean to overstep but I noticed you’ve been forgetting a lot of stuff lately,” Kevin says.

His boss says he has been having trouble. He has been meaning to ask his doctor for something but he has been so busy. He asks Kevin not to mention their conversation to anyone else.

Abby and Connor are digging through old files at their dad’s office. They find some old contracts from when Paul Dilpher was working with their dad. One of them was signed March 11, 1999.

“Your birthday,” Abby says.

“Best birthday ever,” Connor says. He reminds her that was the year Mick finally took them all to Disney World.

Connor notices his dad’s signature on the contract dated for March 11.

“Dad couldn’t have signed this,” Connor said. “He was with us in Florida.”

They realize someone forged his signature. They go home and dig out their photo albums. They find a photo of the family at Disney World, the date stamped in the right hand corner.

“This proves that Dad didn’t sign the contract,” Abby says. “This could clear Dad’s name.”

Connor says he will take it to the attorney general.

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Second chances

Luke is at the Bridge when his parole officer shows up unannounced. He says he is checking in on him since Luke lied to his last employer.

“I didn’t lie,” Luke says. “I just didn’t tell them.”

His parole officer reminds him it’s a violation of the terms of his parole not to tell his employer. If he violates his parole, he will go back to jail.

Luke says he told his new employer about his time in prison. His parole officer says that’s good because he can’t keep giving Luke second chances.

Mick and Thomas are limping along the trail when some younger hikers come along and help them. They spot the boulder and ask the younger hikers to take a picture of them..

Jess and David are listening to their Snallygaster hunter guests talk. David says he can’t believe they actually believe in all this stuff.

Jess asks him, “Have you ever believed in something magical?”

David says he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to believe in something so hideous as a Snallygaster.

They join the hunters on a night-time trek through the woods. Jess says under her breath that she saw the Snallygaster when she was a little girl.

Mick and Thomas arrive home. Thomas is using crutches. They show Meg the photo that they took.

Meg says, “I don’t think that’s the same boulder.”

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