James Denton said the odds are a decent for a return of Good Witch.

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Fans of Hallmark’s Good Witch look to Netflix to save the show

Fans of the Hallmark series Good Witch are working hard to get the show back on the air. In July, the network announced it would not be bringing the show back for an eighth season, setting off a firestorm on social media.

The hashtag “SaveGoodWitch” has been popular on Twitter, and there are at least two separate petitions to save the show. (Links to each can be found here and here.)

Putting up a fight

Now Goodies are following the example of Manifest fans, who have been trying to save their favorite show after NBC canceled it in June. The hashtag “Save Manifest” has been popular on Twitter, and the show has been among the top 10 most watched on Netflix.

A Twitter post in support of the NBC show Manifest.
A Twitter post in support of the NBC show Manifest. (Image: @SaveManifest/Twitter.)

In July, Deadline announced that NBC was in discussions with Warner Bros to renew the show. According to Vanity Fair, Warner Bros has started negotiations with cast members and writers to bring the show back.

The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, though he did post the following on Twitter:

“No news yet, folks. But I’m back in the place where it happens. And I’m ready.”

A tweet from Manifest creator Jeff Rake.

Social media campaign

Good Witch fans are now pursuing a similar strategy. They have started a campaign to convince Netflix to pick the show up.

A Twitter post in support of the Hallmark series Good Witch.
A call to action on Twitter.

A recent Twitter post under the “SaveGoodWitch” hashtag read, “If Manifest is renewed it would be the first time NBC has reversed a decision.”

Another post read, “Good Witch Goodies are not playing around. We will fight for this show and be loyal to anyone who picks it up.”

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Goodies are flooding the inbox of the two men in charge of Netflix, Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings.

A Twitter appeal to save Good Witch.

This story was updated on August 21.

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