Good Witch fans accused Hallmark Channel of lying about the series

A Good Witch marathon gives Goodies hope that Hallmark has an important announcement to make

A Good Witch marathon on Hallmark Drama will feature The Good Witch's Garden.
The Good Witch's Garden (Image: Hallmark Media)

“Thank you @HallmarkDrama,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Another #Goodwitch 🎃🍁 marathon ❤️🔮👏 You know this is #goodies @reallycb
and Cassie Nightingale’s Fav time of year…No show does Halloween better than GW! Now, how about a special announcement #savegoodwitch.”

Fans of Hallmark Channel show Good Witch mark one-year anniversary of final season premiere
(Image: Hallmark Media)

Good Witch fans marked the one-year anniversary of the show’s finale on Saturday, making thousands of posts on social media in support of the series.

“Good Witch needs a new home!” one fan wrote on Twitter, with photos of the cast.

Sarah Power, Catherine Bell, and Kat Barrell on Hallmark Channel's Good Witch
(Image: Hallmark Media)

Fans of the canceled Hallmark series Good Witch are angry after a network exec mentioned the series in a recent interview but then failed to respond to questions about whether the series was coming back.

The Ontario home where the series Good Witch was filmed.
The Dundas, Ontario home that served as the backdrop for Good Witch. (Image: Crown Media)

The owner of the house where Hallmark filmed Good Witch said she knew the series was coming to an end when the network filmed two endings for Season 7. Lisa Heersink said one ending was full of cliffhangers. The other wrapped up several storylines.

(Image: Instagram/@kyanateresa)

While fans have kept busy trying to get Good Witch on the air for an eighth season, the stars have been busy with projects of their own.

"The Wedding" (Image: Crown Media)

In a recent appearance on Let’s Dive In with Allen Vaysberg, Good Witch star Scott Cavalheiro said he was extremely grateful for all the work fans are doing to get the show back on the air.

Good Witch fans assemble touching video in support of the show

New Feature: In Your Words

Goodies, we have been so moved by your support for Good Witch. The stories you have shared are so touching that we wanted to give them a forum. We are have updated this page with a recent post by Lisa, a Good Witch fan who has been leading the efforts online to get the show back on the air.

If you have a story to share, please email us at [email protected]. We will do our best to get every single one online. We will not edit your words, so feel free to speak from the heart. (The only thing we can’t include is profanity. It’s just not us.)

Thanks for letting us be part of this incredible movement.

A day in the life insight into the #goodies “Save Good Witch Campaign”

There is exciting news on the horizon Good Witch Fans.  With the announcement that former CEO of Hallmark Channel Bill Abbott, is launching his new network @GACfamily and @GACliving on September 27th, #goodies as we are affectionately known, rejoice at the prospect of seeing our beloved show Good Witch saved after it was unceremoniously and abruptly cancelled in July by Hallmark Channel with no acceptable or good reason.  

We have been tirelessly campaigning and reaching out to Bill through social media and emails to his network in an effort to convince him to Save Good Witch because of his time spent with Hallmark and his experience with the shows extreme popularity, widely talented cast and amazing ratings that his former network received because of this show.  We believe with ever fiber of our being that GAC Family is the perfect new network home for the #1 rated series franchise.  Bill’s motto of “Stories Well Told” “Life Well Lived” and family inspirational programming fits Good Witch Series like a cozy glove.  

Just this week, the GAC network has been posting teasers on their Twitter page about the launch on September 27th and just recently, advertised their new Christmas Movie Campaign with a special premiere event on October 24th “Great American Christmas” hosted by Home and Family beloved hosts Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopoulos (also cancelled by Hallmark). These movies will no doubt entertain a competitive spirit with Bill’s former network but will certainly have all of us ex-Hallmark viewers flocking to GAC (myself and all the #goodies included) who have a terrible taste in our mouths after the cancellation of Good Witch and Home and Family that have left fans of both shows shocked, devastated and angry!

We have been trying to illustrate and inspire Bill to believe in our passion in the form of PowerPoint type informational graphics by our talented design artist Daniela Gosendi, we all know her on social media as Danny_always (Instagram) @AlwaysKBex on (Twitter).  

Rallying the troops to join in and tag, share and get on board our campaign that has gone on 72 days now is our continued goal.  We will NOT “quit fighting” until we have our Good Witch saved and at a new home for all of us to enjoy.  After all, Good Witch is not just home, it’s FAMILY and we all will support and stick by OUR GOOD WITCH CAST and SHOW until it is saved and they are appreciated the way they should be! 

Bill, we all sincerely hope that new CEO and HOME at GAC FAMILY is YOU!

Dear Mr. Abbott,

There have been two unfortunate situations I have found myself feeling so passionate about that I’ve have gone to great lengths to try and save with ever fiber of my being.

I have been shocked only twice that I felt my heart sink, my breath taken away and tears flowing that they never seemed to stop. Two very different circumstances but yet, rendered the same feelings.

The first, four years ago when the Archdiocese of Detroit went on a Catholic School cancellation frenzy. My only son, Nick, a third generation student at a wonderful school, here in Garden City Michigan, St Raphael, would be no more without any warning. It was my only dream he would graduate where my mom and I did. Over 85 years of service and Catholic Education. He made it to 3rd grade and it was the school I taught at as well. My husband and I led a campaign to save it. Three months had gone by and the fate was still the same. We were devastated, then two years later another Catholic School he attended with just as much history was closing, again, without warning. He finally is attending Divine Child here in Dearborn Michigan with more money and more students. Thank God it worked it but at the time we wondered what was the plan? God did have one but it was sure hard along the way!

Now, a very different scenario in my life but equally as devastating, 12 weeks ago, Hallmark out of the blue blindsided fans around the world with their untimely and very shocking news about canceling Good Witch, a show that has meant everything me personally and to millions of fans around the world.

Fans jumped into action and I myself once again found myself embarking on an all out campaign to try and save something I love so much. I can tell you I never hesitated and feel so strongly about Good Witch and how special this show is. It deserves so much respect and absolutely deserves a place on TV again. You know more than anyone Bill, Good Witch is unique and the actors and characters are unlike anything on TV now. We need the light, the inspiration and the core values it portrays.

You no doubt have seen the Save Good Witch Campaigns tweets, emails and social media pleas to save this one of a kind show at your new Network GAC Family. Fans are practically begging you and we would kneel down at your feet to beg you to restore the magic in our lives.

The outpouring of love and support for Good Witch should tell you something Bill, that this show is WORTH its weight in gold and is the perfect marriage for your mission statement at GAC!

I have never supported a TV show or fought to save one non the less. Good Witch is my go to show that I look forward to and I can’t imagine life without it. I watch it with my 14 year old and my whole family including my parents and other family members and friends, it reaches a multigenerational audience and isn’t that what you intended to do at GAC?

We have out everything into this Save Good Witch campaign Bill, morning, noon and night! Please, can you give us a sign that our efforts are not falling on deaf ears? We hope and pray everyday with everything we have that you can be the savior here and God put you in the right place at the right time for this show to find a new home. You have a gift with regard to family programming! We are hoping you use your special talents to help a new audience to find the same inspiration we have, when watching Good Witch. We know it will change viewers lives too, like it did mine and millions of others.



Lisa Gursky-Choi

Dear Bill Abbott,
I would like to paint a picture of what the last nine weeks have been like for fans around the globe since news hit that our beloved Good Witch was cancelled. They say a smile is the window into someone’s soul. While I’ve never had the pleasure and opportunity to personally meet you, photos of your bright smile, especially at the Hero Dog Awards give me the feeling that you have a huge heart and sensitive nature. It’s no wonder your programming was driven by love, inspiration and family. You believe in the goodness of the soul along with respect and that theme has been carried out very successfully by you in the past. I believe GAC will live up to our expectations as viewers. We certainly hope and pray you will see your way to deciding to add Good Witch to your new channel line up for their once intended Season 8 and beyond, delighting and enchanting viewers once again, along with a whole new audience carrying you forward!
It’s been nine weeks ago today that #Goodies around the world received that jaw dropping, heart stopping, punch to the gut aching news Hallmark Channel was cancelling their number one hit and very own Original Series Franchise Good Witch.
It’s that very moment like any big moment in time that shocks you, makes you remember exactly what you were doing that day when you hear news that negatively affects you. I was just cleaning house and doing laundry like any typical Friday at my house and had been on FB earlier that day going back and forth on the @Good Witch Post Fan Site discussing how we were all so excited for Sunday nights show. With just three episodes left we couldn’t believe how time fly’s by because of course, watching Good Witch, it always does! The day before we had been so excited as we were treated to a FB Live with Catherine Bell, Kat Barrell and Kyana Teresa. All of us we still talking about how wonderful and fun that was for everyone. The ladies were energized talking about this season and what fun there is to come and engaging in questions and answers! Wow! we were on a Good Witch high! Then the bottom fell out from under us.
Why is Friday the day when all bad news seems to happen from your bosses? The FB Live was supposed to have been that Friday but was “conveniently” switched to the day before by Hallmark.
Needles to say, #goodies took to social media and shared their grief and utter anger and disbelief at how such a beloved and popular show could be discarded so quickly and without warning that even the Good Witch cast and crew didn’t even see it coming. Even Catherine Bell was quoted as saying they thought they were getting a Season 8! Hallmark even blindsided their own Co-Executive Producer and star of her show!
Good Witch fans have all flocked to social media expressing their dismay over loosing what we have all called a TRUE GEM of a show. We all feel like there has been a “death” in our family. After all, you will see in many of our posts on social media, the feeling has always been Good Witch is not just a show, it’s “family”.
If there is anything I personally have learned over these last nine week is that fans will not give up on saving Good Witch and our passion is unprecedented in nature. There is more raw emotion, more spirit and more drive to convince you Bill to help us! There is more going on with people other than just in my little corner of the world here in Michigan. You realize that and are humbled by talking to fans around the world, via social media at literally how much anguish they feel over this shows loss and it’s real! I have read thousands of posts on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ve met fans from Toronto, Ohio, California, North Carolina, Spain, Brazil, and England just to name a few. People have experienced extreme loss over the last two years because of times in our world I have never thought we would see in my lifetime. I have spoken to fans that have experienced PTSD, Anxiety, depression and physical disabilities and so many health challenges.
There is one thing that I know is for sure and it a common thread with every fan. Good Witch has been there as a source of comfort and peace for those who have needed it most and for every viewer out here that just wants good clean family entertainment in their lives for themselves and their family. We have been invested in these characters for 13 years and will miss them dearly if we are not able to see them again on our TV screen.
Good Witch is the best medicine for our well being and our soul.
Please Bill, Save Good Witch because Good Witch has saved us in so many ways you can’t even begin to imagine!
Lisa Gursky-Choi
Good Witch Fan

From Danny in Spain:

Good Witch means so much to me! We need this “show” back because its not just a show! I started watching Good Witch like 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. I watched the movies in 7 days and seasons 1-5 like in 2 weeks and then I started over with season 1 again . It just brings to me so much peace and when I´m watching it I´m in Middleton and forget all about my life or my problems and relax if I´m stressed out. As I kept watching the episodes I noticed more and more things, how Cassie looked at life, how good she was… Almost without me noticing it but completely aware at the same time I started changing the way I thought, what I ate… I went from eating meat all day and almost any vegetable to eating vegetable, fruit and salad and almost not meat at all, I started drinking tea and infusions. And the show even helps me sleep, I put an episode every night and I sleep like a baby. It´s really weird but I have to watch an episode a day because if I don’t do it I start feeling nervous.
It really inspires me in almost everything I do. I started meditating too and is helping me a lot. Recently I did my thesis for the career (I studied interior design, like Joy ) and Good Witch and Grey House inspire me in every place I designed.
I´m not in a very happy place right now in my life, I just finished my career but don’t have very clear that it is what I want to do the rest of my life. I have a lot of thoughts about if I´m gonna find a job or not… And I have a lot of problems at home… But I know that whatever happens I can go to Middleton and relax and that means so much to me.
I can´t even begin to express how lost I feel without this “show” in my life… It is the only thing in this world that have brought me some peace for at least some part in the day! Before watching Good Witch I was so depressed and lost that I had to go to a psychologist and even had to take antidepressive pills… but not even that work. Since I start watching the show it brings me so much peace that I stop going to the doctor and stop taking the pills because I didn´t need them anymore… Now since hearing about the cancellation I am back on them and they aren´t working at all.. I really feel so lost and nothing makes sense at all…
So please we need Good Witch and Middleton back because it really helps a lot of people to get up day after day!
Instagram: danny_always Twitter: AlwaysKBex

From Sandra:

In 2014 I was diagnosed with depression after my grandfather passed away. However with this came the depersonalization syndrome and panic attacks.
Doctors say that I live as if I were in a dream and that’s why I often feel like I don’t have emotions. Most of the time it’s like I don’t feel love for the people closest to me.
In the middle of all this I found Good Witch. And I felt again that I really liked something.
Good Witch with all its magic made me love again. Made me feel happy, made me feel inspired, made me feel all the emotions I haven’t felt for so long!
It made me feel alive! And if I have to live in a dream then I want to dream every day about Good Witch.

From Annie:

Dear Bill Abbott,

My name is Annie & I’m a HUGE fan of Good Witch… i’ve been a fan of GW for a very very long time now and I was ABSOLUTELY devastated when Hallmark Channel canceled it in early July!! Anyways, GW has become a part of my life ever since I started watching it last year during the pandemic… I fell in love with the show automatically and the characters especially the character “Cassie Nightingale” played by Catherine Bell… CB is one of my idols because she’s so positive and an amazing actress “a positive light to everyone she meets, she’s so perfect so beautiful so magical” -CN 

Another reason I would like for GW to come back is… it helps me not think about all of the hate that I get because I get a lot of hate all the time and for some reason every time I watch GW something about is like the magic, romance, everything about it just helps me not think about it…!! 

So please Bill please help us especially me to #SaveGoodWitch and sign my petition that i made … and please look at my shirt and posters that I made and edits of #sassie and #SaveGoodWitch on my Catherine Bell fan page on Instagram- @catherinebellsuperfan 


Annie- @anniethenickkid (Instagram)

Good Witch Super Fan 🙂

Annie Lenk, Good Witch fan

From Debbie:

this is my families favorite show we all watched together. Cassie was always baking at her house now we bake at our house. you don’t realize how amazing this show is and how many people in real life it has helped. when I read some of the things people were posting about how the show made people realize how to handle something differently. but just thinking how would cassie handle this and of course the answer has been there all along . we just had to see it from a different light. I am a cookbook author and when a recipe would just get stuck in my brain . to take my mind off of it I watched good witch the show helped me is so many ways. during Halloween we decorated and we would watch good witch and eat stew from a pumpkin. please don’t cancel good witch we all love this show . just because you canceled do you think the fans are just going to go away we aren’t . we are going to save good witch so get on board and join the journey. In fact i bet you could take some of the things people are writing to you and turn them into shows for the good witch. listen to the fans they will tell you how to save good witch but you have to be willing to listen from you heart.
As a cook book author which takes amazing amount of work . I also have a blog that when they want a recipe I give it to them. I listen to what they have to say on what they are wanting me to cook. what do they want to see in the blog. was is that ? I asked them what they wanted to see and I listened to what they as the blog wanted.
now its your turn to listen to the fans (your blog) ask the fans what they want than give it to them. its not hard you just have to be willing to do it. Debbie good witch fan

From Kay:

I came to Good Witch fairly late into its run, thanks to the addition of my favorite actress, Katherine Barrell in season 6.
I was so happy when Hallmark decided to include a same sex relationship in the Good Witch storyline.
Sadly, my joy wasn’t shared by the “Hallmark Homophobes” on Facebook; and perhaps there was an element of bowing to that pressure in Hallmark’s decision to cancel the show.
The relationship between Joy Harper and Zoey Taylor felt realistic and representative of an underrepresented portion of society; and I would like to see more.
That’s why I won’t stop asking that Good Witch be continued, because Joy and Zoey’s relationship is barely at the beginning.
There are more stories to tell.

From Nadine:

A couple of month ago, I was in a bad mentaly condition because of my job and my private life.

I’m a very emphatic person and also introverted. As much as I love my job, it is getting more and more difficult to convince the people to work together in a team and to not focus just on their own goals but on the goal of the complete project. So many people are much more selfish these days without any emphatic at all for other persons needs or problems.
Needless to say, when I got home I was very exhausted and didn’t have the power for more discussions with my husband. I often even just didn’t want to talk at all.

Our marriage wasn’t in a good condition for about a year and we even went to therapy but it didn’t worked.
We were on a brink to fall apart because we were at a loss at how to save our marriage.

I’m not very good at showing my feelings and I don’t trust people to not hurt me eventually.
I didn’t have had a loving and caring childhood. My parents fought a lot and especially my mom loved alcohol more then anything else. I had to watch how they beat eachother up or how my mother threatened my dad with a knife.
I never got a hug and they also never said they love me or are proud of me.
So, how should I know how to show any feelings?

Then I started watching Good Witch and I can’t explain why the things Cassie said struck me that much but I started to listen more closely at her advices. She had a way to say these things in such a natural way, that I began to question my life and how I’m living it. I reflected a lot about my marriage and saw that I never really opened up toward my husband. He never had a chance to get to know the real me.
So we had a long and honest talk. I’m glad to say that we are now in a much better place and I’m really looking forward into a long and happy marriage with him.

Same stands for my working relationships. I’m now much calmer and have again the power to convey between people with a successful outcome.
I smile so much now and never get sick of explaining to people to put themselves in the position of the other person, before they judge them.

So, I really can say that Good Witch literally changed my life. All the recent changes in my life and my mind happened because of this tv show. A show that gives us positivity, friendship, love, solidarity and so much more.
We need shows like this, without lies, crime, blood, drugs, sex and hate. In times of these it is important to show people how life is supposed to be and that we all should be nice to eachother, listen to eachothers problems and just to be there for eachother. Nothing is more important than that.

And the perfect show that models all of this is Good Witch. Not just in front of the camera but also behind it. The cast and crew always showed us how much they like eachother and how much of a family they’ve become.
It would be just wrong to lose this and to not fight to get it back.

Nadine from Germany

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