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Scott Cavalheiro has a message for Good Witch fans: Thank you

In a recent appearance on Let’s Dive In with Allen Vaysberg, Good Witch star Scott Cavalheiro said he was extremely grateful for all the work fans are doing to get the show back on the air.

“There is such an incredible fan base for the show,” Cavalheiro said. “If I could say anything it would be a whole-hearted thank you.”

Cavalheiro, who played Adam Hawkins on the show for three seasons, said he and the cast were shocked then they found out Crown Media was canceling the series.

“We expected to come back,” he said.

The ending that aired in July was not the one the cast originally shot, Cavalheiro said.

Still, he was grateful for the experience of working on the show.

“Especially during the pandemic, when we were all at home and isolated and so fearful of the world,” he said. “We got to come to work everyday and we got to see each other and we got to have a laugh and it was so good for our mental health.”

Vaysberg commented on the well-know “Hallmark effect,” saying the pace and tone of the films provide a well-needed balance to the craziness of the world.

The bad guy

Cavalheiro, who was a spin instructor and trainer before becoming an actor, said that being cast in his first feel-good family production was a turning point.

“I was playing a lot of bad guys,” Cavalheiro explained.

In 2018, he starred in the Netflix film Christmas With A View. Following that, he landed a small role on Good Witch. In his interview with Vaysberg, Cavalheiro said he was only supposed to be in a couple of episodes, but that showrunner Darin Goldberg decided to expand his role.

“He would ask me all these questions,” Cavalheiro said. “He’d say, ‘So if Adam stayed around, how do you think his relationship with Kylee or his relationship with Stephanie would go?’”

The Adam and Stephanie Show?

Cavalheiro said he is impressed at how broad and dedicated the Good Witch fan base is. He has been touched by the efforts to get it back on the air, and even weighed in on social media, suggesting that Adam and Stephanie would be great subnets for a spin-off series.

When he made the suggestion to Goldberg, he said the writer had a good laugh and told him, “Listen, if Hallmark wants to talk, let’s talk.”

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