Andie MacDowell as Del Landry on the hit Hallmark series The Way Home. The actress recently thanked her co-stars in a social media post celebrating the season finale of the hit series. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Andie MacDowell thanked her co-stars in an Instagram post following the season finale of her hit Hallmark series The Way Home. The actress, who stars as Del Landry on the show, mentioned each of her co-stars by name and even thanked the creators of the series.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to play Del Marley Reed,” she wrote in the post, which featured seven photos from the show.

The cast of The Way Home (from left, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, and Evan Williams). (Image: Instagram/@andiemacdowell)

The Way Home

Hallmark’s new series The Way Home premiered on January 15. The multigenerational drama followed the women of the Landry family: Del (played by MacDowell), Kat (played by Grey’s Anatomy star Chyler Leigh), and Alice (played by newcomer Sadie Laflamme-Snow).

In the first episode, Kat Landry receives a letter from her mother asking her to return home. The letter comes as a surprise since the two haven’t spoken in 20 years. But with her marriage coming to an end, Kat decides to pack up her 15-year-old daughter and move from Minneapolis back to her small hometown of Port Haven, New Brunswick.

When she arrives, her mother claims to know nothing about the letter. Fifteen-year-old Alice is so surprised by the cold relationship between her mother and grandmother that she starts digging into their past. While trying to learn more about the disappearance of her uncle, Alice discovers she can time travel if she jumps into a pond on her grandmother’s farm.

Alice begins making regular trips back to 1999, the year her uncle disappeared.

Fan favorite

The series immediately amassed a following of fans.

“This is not the sort of show I expected to find on Hallmark,” one fan wrote on Facebook. “It’s great.”

Others say the series reminds them of other shows the network has produced, including Good Witch.

“A mysterious and beautiful woman with magical powers? Sounds like Good Witch to me,” wrote another viewer.

Andie MacDowell message

In her Instagram post, MacDowell named each of her co-stars in turn.

“Chyler was a breathtaking experience of fortitude and strength,” she wrote. “Sadie a tender thoughtful beautiful young actor who I loved working with. Sweet Evan, oh my gosh what can I say (delivering the calf) I love watching you on the screen and I’m extremely grateful for your kindness towards me. All the actors worked very very hard to deliver because we all knew we had something special. Alex did such a beautiful job of portraying young Kat.”

The actress, who previously starred in the Hallmark series Cedar Cove, also thanked the network.

“I’m grateful to be back with Hallmark,” she wrote. “They always treated me so respectfully and I never forgot that. I tell everyone how good they are to their actors. We work hard and we work fast but there is beautiful camaraderie.”

Hallmark has renewed The Way Home for a second season, which will premiere in 2024.

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