Andrew Walker tells fans they can expect two more movies in popular mystery series

Andrew Walker tells fans they can expect two more movies in popular mystery series

Andrew Walker recently revealed that there will be at least two more movies in the popular Curious Caterer mystery series. The actor co-stars with Nikki DeLoach in the movies, which are based on a series of books by Diane Mott Davidson.

Walker and DeLoach were appearing at a fan convention when they got the news.

“We were together, it was amazing,” Walker told Heavy. “Nikki and I are, you know, seven movies deep now and people still want to see us. We got approved for another — we actually got approved for two more ‘Curious Caterers.’ The executive producer called us and it was a nice little birthday gift.”

Popular mystery series

The first movie in the series premiered in April 2022. In Dying For Chocolate, DeLoach played caterer and single mom Goldy Berry. When her best friend is killed, Goldy becomes determined to find the murderer. She ends up joining forces with local detective Tom Shultz (played by Walker).

A second movie, Curious Caterer: Grilling Season, followed in February 2023. In a Facebook Live event to promote the movie, Walker asked fans to keep watching the series so he could continue to work with DeLoach.

In addition to the Curious Caterer movies, Walker and DeLoach have paired up in the Hallmark films A Dream of Christmas (2016), The Perfect Catch ( 2017), and Sweet Autumn (2020).

Andrew Walker

A native of Canada, Andrew Walker got his start on TV in the series Student Bodies. He had roles on NYPD Blue, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, ER, and the Big Bang Theory.

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He has starred in more than 20 movies for Hallmark, including The 27-Hour Day, Three Wise Men and a Baby, and A Safari Romance. In an interview, he talked about how great it was to work with the network.

“You know, there’s no stability anywhere out there,” he said. “And here are all of these actors in our 40s, where in the general landscape of our industry we would be kind of at the tail end, which is sad to say. But here we are now…. [The fans] watch the movies and give us that ability to continue to thrive and to bring them new stories with the same faces, just different combinations and storylines.”

Hallmark has not yet released premiere dates for the upcoming Curious Caterer movies.

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