Nine things you never knew about Christopher Russell

Nine things you never knew about Christopher Russell

By now, all Hallmarkies are familiar with Christopher Russell. The handsome actor has been gracing the small screen on Hallmark Channel since 2013 and has made more than 20 movies for the network.

But the actor is more than a handsome face. Read on to discover all the things you never knew about the Hallmark star.

Christopher Russell

  1. His first role was in a Christmas production

Russell got the acting bug while playing a donkey in his preschool’s nativity play. He continued to perform in school plays and made his professional debut at the age of 12 in the horror movie The Whispering. While in high school, he received an award for his work from the prestigious Sears Drama Festival.

2. He has starred in more than 20 different TV shows

Russell is one of those actors who looks just as at home on a space ship as he does in a zombie apocalypse. Over the years he has appeared in science fiction shows, historical dramas, spy thrillers, mysteries, and teen dramas.

The actor first appeared on television in the Canadian comedy series Show Me Yours. He went on to star in Kevin Hill and Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and has had roles in Supernatural, Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries, Flashpoint, Beauty and the Beast, Satisfaction, Air Crash Investigator, The Listener, iZombie, Lost Girl, Reign, Star Trek: Discovery, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, unREAL, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Van Helsing, BH90210, Reacher, Accused, Day of the Dead, and The Irrational.

3. He is a family man

A photo of Christopher Russell and his family. (Image: Instagram@chrisrussellofficial)
A photo of Christopher Russell and his family. (Image: Instagram@chrisrussellofficial)

In an Instagram post, he shared a photo of his family with the caption:

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“Family. Where life begins and love never ends.- I love you three bigger than the thing that’s bigger than the universe! #soulmates #bestkidsever #youhadmeathello #beautifulbritishcolumbia #familyiseverything.”

4. He keeps his private life private

Though he shares photos of his family on Instagram, Russell has never revealed his wife’s name. He also keeps mum on the names of his children.

5. He and fellow Hallmark star Cindy Busby have a special friendship

Christopher Russell and Cindy Busby have starred in four Hallmark movies together. In an interview, Russell talked about why they work so well together.

“Cindy Busby is the best,” he told Digital Jouurnal. “We clicked right away since we have very complementary personalities.…She is a barrel of laughs.”

6. He is a huge fan of Hallmark

“It feels good to work on these films especially due to the subject matter that we are presenting,” he said during an interview with Digital Journal. “There is so much negativity going on in the world so it’s nice to present people with something that can help provide them with an escape and deliver a cathartic experience in a positive way.”

The Hallmark Channel movie Warming Up to You stars Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell
"Warming Up to You" (Image: Hallmark Media)

7. Even his daydreams are wholesome

He once told a reporter that if he could have any superpower, it would be “the ability to deliver world peace.”


8. He’s a screenwriter

In an interview with Hollywood North Magazine, he said he has written a few scripts that are in development. Let’s hope they get produced at Hallmark.

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9. He has a special technique he uses at auditions

In an interview, Russell talked about a book that influenced his approach to the acting business called 10,000 Nos, by fellow actor Matthew Del Negro.

“Auditioning at the beginning of your career, or even when you’ve established yourself is quite competitive,” he said. “A lot of times, people can get caught in trying to present themselves in a way that they think other people want to see. What I’ve learned is that if I prepare, prepare, prepare then I know what I’m doing when heading out. If something isn’t clicking I’ll seek outside help with a coach, and that way when I go in on set or an audition, on-screen test, chemistry test, or whatever it may be. I know that I know the material inside and out so whatever happens, happens. If I’m trying hard to manipulate the situation, and create moments out of nothing, it’s just going to fall flat.”

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