The complete list of Ryan Paevey Hallmark movies

The complete list of Ryan Paevey Hallmark movies

By now, all Hallmark fans are familiar with Ryan Paevey. The former soap opera star has appeared in 15 movies for the network, including rom-coms, dramas, and Christmas classics.

Ryan Paevey

A native of California, Paevey was spotted and signed by a modeling agent when he was a teenager. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, he said that after high school he was doing a few shoots and tending bar to make ends meet when he landed the role on General Hospital.

“My managers were like, ‘Quit your day job. You got a thing,’” he said.

Paevey said he learned about acting on the job. When his run on General Hospital came to an end, he didn’t know what he would do next. That’s when Hallmark stepped in.

Paevey on Hallmark

In a 2021 Facebook Live appearance, Paevey shared what he likes about Hallmark.

“Hallmark is really kind of keyed into an equation that really works,” he said. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. If repetitive and overly sweet are the worst things that can be leveled against you, I think you’re doing okay.”

Ryan Paevey Hallmark movies

Marrying Mr. Darcy (Image: Hallmark Media)
Marrying Mr. Darcy (Image: Hallmark Media)

Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016)

In this modern take on Pride and Prejudice, Paevey played Donovan Darcy, a dog show judge, whose first meeting with Elizabeth (played by Cindy Busby) is a disaster. But as Elizabeth and Donovan spend time together, she realizes that he is a kindhearted soul.

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Harvest Love (2017)

Jen Lilley starred as a widow who took her son to spend a week at her family’s pear farm in Washington state. Paevey played the farm manager. They fell hard for each other. There were many beautiful shots of autumn foliage. We highly recommend this movie.

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Marrying Mr. Darcy (2018)

In the sequel to Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth and Donovan try to plan their wedding without interference from their meddling families.

Harvest Love (Image: Hallmark Media)
Harvest Love (Image: Hallmark Media)

Hope at Christmas (2018)

Scottie Thompson starred as Sydney, a divorced woman who takes her daughter to the small North Carolina town where she spent Christmas growing up. Though they are just there for a visit, Thompson starts to think about hanging around when she meets Mac (Paevey), a local elementary school teacher.

From Friend to Fiance (2019)

In this movie, Paevey and Jocelyn Hudon played high school friends who are reunited when he asks her to plan his wedding to the meanest girl from school.

A Summer Romance (2019)

Fans got to see Paevey in a cowboy hat in this rom-com, which co-starred When Calls the Heart’s Erin Krakow. In A Summer Romance, Krakow played Samantha, the owner of a ranch in Montana trying to decide whether to sell her land. Paevey played a wealthy New York developer who flies in to look around. He soon finds himself falling for country life and for Samantha.

A Summer Romance (Image: Hallmark Media)
A Summer Romance (Image: Hallmark Media)

Christmas at the Plaza (2019)

Paevey played Nick, a decorator hired by the Plaza Hotel in New York to create a special Christmas display. He is paired up with Jessica (played by Elizabeth Henstridge), an archival historian who is commissioned to create an exhibition honoring the history of Christmas at the iconic hotel. As Jessica and Nick enjoy a host of holiday traditions together, also find themselves falling for each other.

Matching Hearts (2020)

Taylor Cole starred as Julia, a matchmaker determined to find true love for a handsome executive (Paevey) who believes staying single is the secret to his professional success. But his resolve is put to the test when he finds himself falling for Julia.

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A Timeless Christmas (2020)

In this movie, Paevey played an early 20th-century inventor and businessman who finds himself transported to 2020. He meets and falls for Megan (Erin Cahill) a historian and tour guide at his mansion.

Hallmark Christmas movies playing this weekend include A Timeless Christmas
A Timeless Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2021)

Italia Ricci starred as Miranda, a successful entrepreneur who runs a boot camp for people who have had their hearts broken. Paevey plays Ben, a journalist who comes to the camp to offer moral support for his sister and to write an exposé on the operation. But as he tries to find out more about Miranda, he finds himself developing feelings for her.

A Little Daytime Drama (2021)

Ryan Paevey played Darin, a former soap opera star who is brought back by the lead writer of his former series to boost ratings. But his presence on set proves awkward for another writer (Jen Lilley), who used to have a relationship with Darin.

During a Facebook Live event to promote the movie, Paevey said A Little Daytime Drama was a frighteningly accurate depiction of the world of soap operas.

“It will really give you guys almost like a primer on what a day in the life of a soap star is kind of like,” he said.

Coyote Creek Christmas (2021)

Janel Parrish starred as Paige, who returns to her small hometown to help her parents plan their annual Christmas Around the World Party. She meets handsome single dad Dylan (played by Paevey) and finds herself falling for him. But her feelings change when she finds out that Dylan is a real estate developer looking to buy her parents’ hotel.

What's on the Hallmark weekend schedule? Coyote Creek Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)
Coyote Creek Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)

Two Tickets to Paradise (2022)

In Two Tickets to Paradise, Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey played two strangers who meet in a park on the same day each has been jilted at the altar. They commiserate and encourage each other to stay strong and then say goodbye, never expecting to meet again. When each decides to take their planned honeymoon, they find out they are both booked at the same resort in Hawaii. They get to know each other and sparks fly.

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A Fabled Holiday (2022)

Paevey and Brooke D’Orsay played childhood best friends who reunite in a curiously familiar-looking town full of Christmas spirit that restores its visitors when they need it most.

Fourth Down and Love (2023)

In this romantic comedy (set to premiere in September 2023), Paevey played a professional football player who takes on a coaching gig when he is sidelined by an injury. He finds himself falling for the mother (Pascale Hutton) of one of his players.

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