Nelson Wong has starred in more than 30 Hallmark movies, including mysteries, romantic comedies, and Christmas films. (Image: Instagram/@therealnelsonwong)

Over the years, Nelson Wong has appeared in 30 Hallmark movies. The actor, whose first role with the network was in the 2006 film All She Wants For Christmas, says he has a fondness for the stories Hallmark tells.

“Ultimately, they are human stories,” Wong said during a recent interview with TV Cheddar. “…These barriers we create, money, class or race or geography, they dissolve when we get to the heart, which is what Hallmark is so good at.”

Nelson Wong

Any self-respecting Hallmarkie has seen Nelson Wong in at least one movie. He has starred alongside such Hallmark greats as Paul Greene, Jen Lilley, Ryan Paevey, Taylor Cole, and Ali Liebert.

He’s had roles in two different Hallmark mystery series, appearing with Jesse Metcalfe in Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries and Carlos and Alexa PenaVega in Picture Perfect Mysteries.

Jen Lilley and Nelson Wong in Where Your Heart Belongs
Nelson Wong (right) with Jen Lilley in the 2022 Hallmark movie Where Your Heart Belongs. (Image: Hallmark Media)

He’s a staple in Hallmark’s annual Countdown to Christmas lineup. He can be seen in fan favorites including A Christmas Detour, Christmas at the Plaza, A Timeless Christmas, A Christmas Treasure, and Long Lost Christmas.

About the actor

Nelson Wong moved to Canada from New Zealand at the age of six. A huge fan of television and movies, the actor would impersonate characters such as Mr. Belvedere and C-3PO for his classmates. He said he always knew he wanted to be an actor.

Though he didn’t have any formal training, Wong was persistent in his pursuit of a career in the business.

“I think I listened carefully to the pitfalls that make a lot of people quit,” he said during a recent interview with TV Cheddar. “It’s a life of job interviews and you’re not really guaranteed a career.”

One of Wong’s first professional roles was in Third Man Out, a movie directed by Ron Oliver that starred Chad Allen. Wong played a character named Kenny Kwon. He did such a good job that Oliver continued to cast him in movies.

The legendary Kenny Kwon

Whenever Wong was cast in a new project by Oliver, the character’s name would be changed to Kenny Kwon. A quick glance at Won’g credit shows that he has played a character named “Kenny” or “Kenny Kwon” 17 times.

Over the years, Kenny Kwon has had a variety of professions., including DJ, bartender, airline attendant, and doctor.

Not just a Hallmark star

Though Wong has had an impressive career with the network (click here for our ideas for new movies for the star), he has also worked extensively outside the network.

In a career that has spanned more than 20 years, Wong has had roles in Riverdale, Arrow, Psych, Once Upon a Time, and Van Helsing.

He even teaches acting at the University of British Columbia.


Wong says he has seen a lot of changes in the industry since he first began acting in 1999. In the beginning, when he sent out photos and resumes to agents, they all had the same two questions.

“Almost uniformly they would ask, ‘Do you know the accent? Can you do kung fu?’” he said.

For the full interview, visit our YouTube page here.

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