When Calls the Heart merch up for grabs in auction to benefit Ukrainian orphans

When Calls the Heart merch up for grabs in auction to benefit Ukrainian orphans

Some When Calls the Heart swag — along with a private Zoom call with two of the show’s stars — are among the items on the block in a silent auction to benefit Ukrainian orphans.

Loretta Walsh, who plays Florence Blakely-Yost on the hit Hallmark series, made an Instagram post urging fans to take a look at the website for the Ukrainian Canadian Advocacy Group, which is holding a silent auction to help children affected by the war. (Though the auction is only on until April 7, visitors to the website — which can be accessed here — can continue to donate even once it is over.)

The money raised will cover therapy and rehabilitation for children who have lost their parents in the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.

“These kids really need our help,” Walsh said.

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When Calls the Heart

Among the items up for grabs are DVDs and a special Season 10 hoodie created for cast and crew members of When Calls the Heart. Hearties can also bid on a Zoom call with Walsh and Johannah Newmarch, who plays Molly Sullivan in the hit Hallmark series.

Walsh promised she and Newmarch would share as much information as they could about the upcoming season with the lucky winner.

Ukrainian Canadian Advocacy Group

Walsh talked about the important work being done by the Ukrainian Canadian Advocacy Group.

According to the Vancouver-based organization’s website, “Since February 24, 2022 – when Russia escalated its war on Ukraine – millions of Ukrainians have suffered tremendous loss: of their loved ones; of their homes; of their livelihoods; of their freedoms; of their autonomy; and of their way of life.”

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The group has been raising money trying to help those affected by the war. In addition to a live fundraiser in March, the group is auctioning collectibles donated by members of Vancouver’s film and television community, as well as original works of art created by artists in Ukraine and items of note donated by Ukrainians in Ukraine. One of the items is a battle flag that’s been signed by members of a battalion currently fighting in Vuhledar in Eastern Ukraine.

Loretta Walsh

A former professional ballet dancer and a classically trained actress, Walsh has played Florence Blakely-Yost on When Calls the Heart for nine years.

Walsh posted about the auction in a sweet message on Instagram. In the clip, she says she is hiding out in the bathroom because her puppy is trying to nap. She promises she will post pics of the dog soon.

Season 10 of When Calls the Heart will premiere on July 30. Hallmark recently announced that the series has been renewed for an eleventh season.

Though the silent auction ends on April 7, visitors to the Ukrainian Canadian Advocacy’s Group website can continue to make donations indefinitely. Click the “Donate” tab on www.ucadvocacygroup.org.

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