Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein star in the new Hallmark movie The Wedding Contract

Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein star in the new Hallmark movie The Wedding Contract

Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein star as a bride and a groom determined to get through the wedding planning process together in the new Hallmark movie The Wedding Contract. But things get complicated when both the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride offer their opinions. When the groom gets caught up in work commitments, the bride starts wondering if she should call the whole thing off.

New Hallmark movie

In the movie, Becca Tobin stars as Rebecca and Jake Epstein stars as Adam. Rebecca and Adam are very much in love and decide to get married but that’s when the trouble starts. As they begin to plan the wedding — and their life after the wedding — it becomes clear they have different priorities.

While Rebecca cares deeply about home and family, Adam is completely devoted to his work. Adam is not as connected to or as familiar with Jewish tradition as Rebecca. Adam is ambitious and is considering taking a job in LA for a promotion to vice president, while Rebecca really wants to build her life close to her family, her synagogue, and her rabbi (played by Michael Benyaer).

When both their mothers get involved in planning the wedding, the bride and groom become overwhelmed.

Hallmark has released a preview of its 2023 Christmas in July lineup. (Image: Hallmark Media)

But when Adam begins to focus on work and Rebecca begins to wonder whether they should even be getting married, it is the meddling mothers-in-law who end up bringing the couple back together.

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June Weddings

The Wedding Contract is one of four new wedding-themed movies to premiere on Hallmark in June. The others include Wedding Season, starring Stephanie Bennett and Casey Deidrick; Love’s Greek to Me, starring Torrey DeVitto and Yannis Tsimitselis; and Make Me a Match, starring Eva Bourne and Rekha Sharma.

Hallmark recently announced that four new movies will also premiere in July. For a complete list, click here.

About the cast

Becca Tobin starred as Kitty Wilde on the Fox television series Glee. She has also appeared on the shows Drop Dead Dive, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Mystery Girls. Tobin starred in the Hallmark movies A Song For Christmas (2017), Love at First Dance (2018), and Sister of the Bride (2019). In 2021, she starred in the Great American Family movie Christmas Is You.

Jake Epstein starred in the hit Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation as Craig Manning, a musician with bipolar disorder. He has also appeared in Star Trek: Discovery, Private Eyes, The Umbrella Academy, and Hudson & Rex.
In 2021, he starred in the Hallmark movie The Eight Gifts of Hanukkah with Inbar Lavi and Sheila Tyson.

The Wedding Contract will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, June 17 at 8/7c.

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