Candace Cameron Bure, Trevor Donovan, and Merritt Patterson will headline new Christmas movies for Great American Family in 2023. (Image: Instagram/@candacecbure)

Candace Cameron Bure will star in a new mystery series. The actress, who starred in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series for Hallmark, will take the lead role in a cozy mystery series for Great American Family.

“There’s nothing more exciting for me than being back in the cozy mystery genre,” Bure said in a statement. “Mysteries are so fun to watch and to try to solve. I hope our faithful fans and audiences fall in love with the townspeople of Sweet River, Texas, and Ainsley McGregor’s keen eye for solving mysteries. In this next-level mystery series, the family dynamics and developing relationships alone should keep you coming back for more!”

New mystery series

Bure will star as Ainsley McGregor in The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker. The movie, which is based on the cozy mystery novel by Candace Havens, will also star Aaron Ashmore.

The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker is the first mystery movie for Great American Family, which was launched by former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott in 2021. The company, which runs two cable networks, has produced a slew of romantic comedies and holiday movies and recently launched an original TV drama series, County Rescue.

In The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker, Bure stars as Ainsley McGregor (Cameron Bure), a former Chicago criminologist who returns to her Texas hometown in order to open a market for artisans titled Bless Your Arts. According to a synopsis from the network, “Ainsley, however, cannot deny her first love is crime solving and accepts a position teaching a criminology class at the local community college. Her skills quickly become a major asset to the small town when a murder occurs at a winery owned by her friend, who now stands accused of the crime.”

Aurora Teagarden

Some fans are still reeling from Bure’s 2022 announcement that she was leaving Hallmark Media to take a job producing and starring in movies and shows for Great American Family.

The actress had recently finished making the 18th movie in the popular Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, a series of films based on novels by Charlaine Harris. Many fans assumed the films would be finished without the star.

But in 2023, Hallmark announced it was releasing a prequel to the series, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New, starring Hallmark has started making a series of prequel films with actress Skyler Samuels in the title role.

“Our viewers have been waiting for more adventures with Aurora and her friends — what better way to do that than to take them back to when the young, amateur sleuth was just coming into her own?” said Emily Merlin, development manager of programming at Hallmark Media. “The Aurora Teagarden franchise is a fan favorite and we’re excited to share this new chapter with viewers.”

Producer Mike Barbuto recently announced that two more movies are in the works.

“…I can tell you that the next two are going to be even better than the first one,” Barbuto said on the Hallmark Mysteries and More podcast.

Great American Family

Great American Family is expected to announce more original movie mysteries in the next few weeks, according to Deadline. CEO Bill Abbott said the movies will fit right in with the rest of the network’s programming.

“Our cozy mysteries are crafted in the heritage of the classic storytelling that has evolved since Agatha Christie coined the term in the 1930s and set the stage for one of the most popular genres of entertainment,” he said.

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