A photo from James Denton's Instagram. The actor was recently injured while preparing for an appearance on the French version of Dancing With the Stars. (Image: Instagram/@james.denton.official).

Good Witch star James Denton has been injured while training to appear on a French television show. The actor, 61, told fans on Instagram that he hurt himself during rehearsals for the French version of Dancing With the Stars.

“Grade 3 hamstring tear in rehearsal — a frustrating setback,” he wrote in the caption. “Sincere apologies to the Danse Avec Les Stars audience and other contestants for not being able to participate last night.”

James Denton

Fans were thrilled when Denton announced he would be appearing on the 13th season of Danse Avec Les Stars. The actor admitted he was nervous because he couldn’t dance and didn’t speak French but fans were supportive.

“You’re going to hit that show out of the park,” wrote one fan on Instagram.

“I can’t wait to see you dance,” wrote another. “I wish you lots of fun and good luck.”

TV show

In a promotional interview for Danse Avec Les Stars, Denton admitted that his initial response to appearing on the show was negative.

“When I was asked I said no,” he said.

But his children convinced him otherwise.

“Then I thought about it and I asked my kids and they both said, ‘No, it’s very cool. You have to do it,’” he said.

Denton said that part of his reluctance had to do with the fact that he had little experience.

“I’m not a dancer,” he said. “I’ve never danced in my life at all. So it was a little bit scary, which is the main reason I decided to do it.”

The actor admitted that he had some advantages.

“If I have a strength it is maybe that I’m a musician,” he said. “…And I was an athlete in my younger days.”


Last week, Denton posted a photo to Instagram sharing the news. Since then, he has added messages updating fans on his progress.

“My new daily routine with the amazing Cyril Msika,” he wrote, sharing a photo of his physical therapist at work. “I’ll be back.”

Denton has been paired with dancer Candice Pascal. When asked who he would love to dance with, he immediately mentioned his Desperate Housewives co-star Teri Hatcher.

Good Witch

For seven seasons, Denton starred on the hit Hallmark series Good Witch as Dr. Sam Radford. Hallmark abruptly canceled the series in 2021. But Denton and Bell were reunited on the small screen in the 2023 Countdown to Christmas movie Christmas on Cherry Lane.

Denton also starred on the ABC series Desperate Housewives as Mike Delfino.

Dancing With the Stars

Denton is not the only contestant to face an injury while filming the series. Participants in both the French and American versions have suffered everything from bruised ribs to broken limbs while competing on the reality show.

Denton remains optimistic about getting back on his feet. He said he would love to dance to the song Singing in the Rain.

“When his son was young that was his favorite song,” he said.

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