Evan Roderick and Skyler Samuels in the prequel Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Two new Aurora Teagarden movies are headed to television. Crews will be filming the new mysteries in various locations around Vancouver, British Columbia, in the coming weeks. The projects were confirmed by producer Mike Barbuto in a recent interview.

“…I can tell you that the next two are going to be even better than the first one,” Barbuto said on the Hallmark Mysteries and More podcast.

The movies follow a reboot of the Hallmark Mysteries franchise in 2023 that featured Skyler Samuels in the title role. The original series ended abruptly when actress Candace Cameron Bure, who played Aurora “Ro” Teagarden in the films, left Hallmark to work with the new network Great American Family.

New Aurora Teagarden movies

According to Creative BC, crews will be filming in the coming weeks in various locations around Vancouver. The projects listed are “Young Aurora Teagarden Mysteries 2” and “Young Aurora Teagarden Mysteries 3.” The director listed on both projects is Jessica Harmon, who directed Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New in 2023.

Hallmark surprised fans when it announced it was reviving the series. Based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, the mysteries follow Aurora Teagarden, a crime-obsessed librarian who lives in the small town of Lawrenceton, Washington. Marilu Henner starred as her mother, Aida, and Niall Matter joined the cast eventually as Aurora’s love interest.

The network made 18 movies in the series:

A Bone to Pick (2015)

Real Murders (2015)

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (2016)

The Julius House (2016)

Dead Over Heels (2017)

A Bundle of Trouble (2017)

Last Scene Alive (2018)

Reap What You Sew (2018)

The Disappearing Game (2018)

A Game of Cat and Mouse (2019)

An Inheritance to Die For (2019)

A Very Foul Play (2019)

Heist and Seek (2020)

Reunited and It Feels So Deadly (2020)

How to Con a Con (2021)

Til Death Do Us Part (2021)

Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021)

Haunted by Murder (2022)

Candace Cameron Bure

But in April 2022, series lead Candace Cameron Bure shocked fans when she announced she would be leaving Hallmark to work with Great American Family, a network started by the former CEO of Hallmark Media.

“I’m very excited to develop heartwarming family and faith-filled programming and make the kind of stories my family and I love to watch,” Bure said in a statement through the network, which started airing material in September 2021.“I am constantly looking for ways that I can inspire people to live life with purpose. GAC fits my brand perfectly; we share a vision of creating compelling wholesome content for an audience who wants to watch programming for and with the whole family. Great, quality entertainment with a positive message is what my partnership with GAC is all about!”

In the works

But in 2023, Hallmark premiered a prequel to the series.

“Our viewers have been waiting for more adventures with Aurora and her friends — what better way to do that than to take them back to when the young, amateur sleuth was just coming into her own?” said Emily Merlin, development manager of programming at Hallmark Media. “The Aurora Teagarden franchise is a fan favorite and we’re excited to share this new chapter with viewers.”

In Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New, Skyler Samuels portrayed a young Ro Teagarden who returned to her hometown following college graduation.

While working as a teacher’s assistant in a crime fiction class and waitressing at the local diner, she discussed true crime with local police detective Arthur (played by Evan Roderick) and helped her friend Sally plan her wedding.

When Sally’s fiancé didn’t show up at the wedding rehearsal, Aurora and Arthur went to track him down. They discovered a body, which they at first assumed was Sally’s tardy groom. But when it turned out to be someone else, Sally’s fiancé became the main suspect.

Hallmark has not yet given a release date for these films. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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