Tyler Hynes and Lacey Chabert in Hallmark Channel's Sweet Carolina.

Tyler Hynes and Lacey Chabert in Hallmark Channel’s Sweet Carolina. (Image: Crown Media)

Tyler Hynes wants a romcom resurgence

In a recent interview with Southern Living magazine, Hallmark star Tyler Hynes said he wants to see more good ol’ fashion romantic comedies getting made.

“I mean, that’s essentially what we’re doing at Hallmark,” he told the magazine. “We’re doing these movies back to back.”

Hynes watched quite a few romcoms over the past year. Over the holidays, a friend suggested he check out some of Hallmark’s movies. He did and then moved on to Meet Joe Black, Notting Hill, and Fifty First Dates.

“I even went back to She’s All That,” he said.

Hynes has been open about his appreciation for what Hallmark does for fans of all things sweet, romantic, and heartfelt. (Like us.)

“I’m really happy that Hallmark has carved out this niche and kind of revitalized this genre,” he said.

Hynes has starred in several Hallmark movies, including It’s Christmas Eve, Winter in Vail, Falling for You, It Was Always You, and My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5.

In an interview with Hallmark to promote Sweet Carolina, Hynes talked about the importance of connecting the story with the audience.

“I hope that they take away from this movie that it is okay to make mistakes,” he said. “It is okay to fail at things, and that, in failing at things, it’s the only way to find yourself succeeding.”

An image of Tyler Hynes from his Instagram page.
(Image: Instagram/Tyler Hynes)
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