UPtv’s Christmas schedule includes 8 new movies

UPtv’s Christmas schedule includes 8 new movies

UPtv has announced its Christmas lineup, which includes 8 new movies and 45 days of holiday programming. The films will include a musical featuring Gaither, as well as rom-coms starring Jessica Sipos, Franco Lo Presti, Peter Porte, Colin Mochrie, Mary Antonini, and Enrico Colantoni.

New movies

Up first is We’re Scrooged, starring Tamara Duarte and Andrew Bushell. In this rom-com, Duarte and Bushell play former high-school sweethearts who return to Minneapolis for their Christmas-themed high school reunion.

After a run-in at the kickoff event, they are both warned that they are going to be visited by three Christmas ghosts over the next three days.

While dreaming each night, they have shared experiences reliving their past and present Christmases. These unsettling yet comedic visits help them both see what they gave up. When the Ghost of Christmas Future visits them separately, they must decide whether to reunite or lose their love forever.

Christmas Time Capsule

Emily Alatalo stars as Tiffany, who is secretly in love with her best friend, James (played by Franco Lo Presti). When James asks her for the family heirloom engagement ring he left in her care, Tiffany realizes he is getting ready to propose to someone else.

She sets off on a road trip to stop the engagement and work up her nerve to tell James how she really feels.

Country Hearts Christmas

In this sequel to the UPtv movie Country Hearts, the Jameson family is preparing to celebrate the holidays when Tori and June are offered a chance to appear on a live Christmas Eve show. They know the appearance could give them a huge career boost, but it would also mean missing Christmas with the family on the farm.

UPtv's Christmas lineup includes 8 new movies, including Yuletide the Knot. (Image: UPtv)
Yuletide the Knot. (Image: UPtv)

Mistletoe Connection

Chesapeake Shores star Jessica Sipos stars as Kate Snow, a woman who loves all things Christmas and runs a gift shop that has been in her family for generations.

But her Christmas cheer is put on hold when she finds out that a developer is trying to take over the businesses in town. The situation becomes even worse after she realizes that the handsome stranger she encountered on the bus (played by Markian Tarasiuk) is the developer in question.

A Christmas Homecoming

This hour-long special will feature the beloved Gaither Family. According to UPtv, “It’s a Christmas special perfect for the whole family and guaranteed to fill you with holiday joy.”

Yuletide the Knot

When small-town wedding planner Rachel (played by Mary Antonini) is hired to plan a Christmas wedding for an out-of-town influencer couple, she is shocked when she finds out that the bride’s manager is her high-school sweetheart (played by Peter Porte).

Christmas at an Amish Bakery

After leaving her Amish community in her youth, a New York book editor (played by Alexandra Harris) finds herself in desperate need of a new cookbook to save her job.

She heads home to visit her family at Christmas, where she finds out their bakery is in financial trouble. With the help of a handsome local (played by Sean Koetting), she decides to write an Amish cookbook to save the business.

UPtv's Christmas lineup includes 8 new movies, including Mistletoe Connection. (Image: UPtv)
Mistletoe Connection. (Image: UPtv)

Dial S For Santa

Insurance investigator Lana Lawton (played by Sarah Dugdale) returns home for Christmas to spend time with her mom and cheer up her nephew, who is upset that his father — who is in the military — won’t make it home for Christmas.

When she finds out that several local businesses have been robbed, she decides to put her investigative skills to use and find out who is responsible. But she faces some resistance from the handsome local police chief, who isn’t convinced that a civilian can handle the job.

A Christmas Letter

This hockey-themed movie will premiere on Christmas Eve. UPtv has not released many details about the movie apart from the cast, which includes Colin Mochrie, David Lipper, Enrico Colantoni, and Glenda Bragzana.


We’re Scrooged will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, November 5 at 7/6c.

Christmas Time Capsule will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, November 12 at 7/6c.

Country Hearts Christmas will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, November 19 at 7/6c.

Mistletoe Connection will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, November 26 at 7/6c.

A Christmas Homecoming will premiere on UPtv on Saturday, December 2 at 7/6c.

Yuletide the Knot will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, December 3 at 7/6c.

Christmas at an Amish Bakery will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, December 10 at 7/6c.

Dial S For Santa will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, December 17 at 7/6c.

A Christmas Letter will premiere on UPtv on Sunday, December 24 at 7/6c.

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