What happened on When Calls the Heart this week

What happened on When Calls the Heart: A recap of Season 9, Episode 7

What happened on When Calls the Heart this week:

In Season 9, Episode 7, Hope Valley Days Part One, Mei Suo’s husband came to town; Lucas dropped major hints to Elizabeth that he’s ready to pop the question, and Hickam began to exercise his authority as mayor.

When the episode starts, the townspeople have gathered to hear an announcement from Mayor Hickam. In an effort to get the town back to its hopeful, joyous roots, he is initiating a new festival. During Hope Valley Days, the town would celebrate Thanksgiving with Elizabeth, Hannukah with Ned and Florence, Halloween with Lee and Rosemary, and Valentine’s Day with new town council member Mei Suo. He then jokes that Bill will be in charge of celebrating April Fool’s Day.

At the newspaper office, Lee and Rosemary are dressed as Antony and Cleopatra and have candy ready for the children when they come trick-or-treating. Rosemary is excited to see they have received a letter from someone who works for newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst.

Andrea stops by the pharmacy. Mei Suo has hung red decorations for Qixi, a Chinese celebration of love. Nathan rides by outside, and Mei looks at him wistfully.

Mayor Hickam addresses the people of Hope Valley
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Mei Suo’s husband

A man comes storming into Bill’s office, saying he wants his wife arrested. Bill tells him to come back when he can behave with more civility. The man refuses to leave. Bill knocks him out and takes him down to the jail in a wheelbarrow.

Nathan makes a phone call and finds out that the man is named Jeffrey. There are no warrants for his arrest, but there are three for Mei Suo. One is for larceny, one for forgery, and one for spousal abandonment.

Lucas stops by the schoolhouse to walk Elizabeth home. He tells her that when he was growing up, all he ever wanted was to live in a town where “my family could get to know everyone and everyone could get to know us.”

Joseph and Minnie

At the cafe, Minnie tells Elizabeth that she and Joseph are applying for a loan to buy out Abigail’s portion of the cafe.

At the pharmacy, Ned and Florence offer Mei her job on a permanent basis. Her joy is cut short when Bill and Nathan confront her over the warrants for her arrest.

Bill goes to the infirmary. Dr. Carter says she thinks he has pneumonia. She wants to send him to the city for an X-ray.

Dr. Carter and Molly listen to Hickam's speech
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The driving lesson

Nathan asks Elizabeth for a driving lesson. They climb in the car, and she immediately begins explaining how the vehicle works, but Nathan is more interested in pushing all the buttons. Finally, he climbs out and says he will ask Lucas for a lesson instead.

“Maybe it was a good thing that you and I never got together,” he says, grinning. Um, ouch.

Joseph and Minnie pray together before leaving for Buxton to apply for their loan. Joseph tells Minnie they need to be careful about getting their hopes up. Her family may have been well respected in St. Louis, but in some places, there is still a lot of prejudice.

The Hannukah celebration during Hope Valley Days
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Bill tells Mei he saw a marriage license with Mei’s signature. She insists it was forged. He says he has no choice but to release Jeffrey.

As soon as he is out of jail, Jeffrey chases after Mei and begs her to return with him to Chicago. She refuses.

Joseph stops by Lee’s office to drop off the keys to his car. He says he and Minnie did not get a loan. Lee is furious. He tells Rosemary he is going to back the loan himself. Rosemary suggests he talk to Joseph first, but Lee goes ahead and calls his bank.

Nathan and Lucas

Nathan asks Lucas for a driving lesson. He starts talking about Mei and says he doesn’t understand why she never brought up the situation with Jeffrey. Lucas tells him that she probably had a good reason.

Ned leads a Hannukah celebration at the saloon. Joseph tells Lee that the bank reversed its decision on the loan. Lee pretends to be surprised.

At a bonfire in the middle of town, Lucas asks Elizbaeth if she has ever considered a fall wedding. She asks if he has ever considered a spring wedding.

While we doubt there will be a wedding this season, there may very well be a proposal. The question is, will it top Jack’s epic, candlelit setup from Season 4?

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