Erin Krakow in Season 11 of When Calls the Heart. Hallmark recently released a sneak peek at the new season. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Hallmark has shared a first glimpse at Season 11 of When Calls the Heart. In several short video clips released on the Hallmark Channel website, fans get a look at Elizabeth, Rosemary, Nathan, and the rest of the Hope Valley crew.

The clips make a point of teasing a budding romance between Nathan and Elizabeth, something fans responded to with enthusiasm.

“Thank you Hallmark we have been waiting for a Nathan Elizabeth Romance forever!!!” wrote one fan on Hallmark’s Facebook page.

Season 11

Hallmark announced back in January that Season 11 of When Calls the Heart would premiere in April 2024. This was great news for fans, who weren’t sure how long they would have to wait for a return of their favorite show.

The series used to premiere new seasons in February. But in 2022, the start date got pushed back to March. In 2023, fans had to wait until July for Season 10. Hallmark launched two new shows that year, The Way Home, which was renewed for another season, and Ride, which was canceled.

Hearties weren’t sure if they would have to wait until July for the next season, which is why they responded so enthusiastically to the April premiere date.

When Calls the Heart

Erin Krakow shared the Season 11 poster on her Instagram page in January.

“Season 11 poster & premiere date hard launch!” wrote Erin Krakow in an Instagram post.

“Ahhhhhh!!! We just binged S10 and are so eagerly awaiting S11!!” wrote one fan in the comments.

Other fans were thrilled that it looked like Elizabeth and Nathan were finally going to get together.

“Elizabeth and Nathan always made better sense. Much better chemistry too,” she wrote.

Elizabeth and Lucas (Chris McNally) broke off their engagement toward the end of Season 10 during his run for governor.

In January, Krakow released a statement about the upcoming season.

“Time has flown by since the end of season 10 and I cannot put into words how thrilled I am for the premiere of season 11 of When Calls the Heart,” said Krakow in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s such a warm feeling to know that we have the loyalty, love, and longevity to make it this far and that is a true testament to our viewers.”

Lisa Hamilton Daly, executive vice president of programming with Hallmark, also weighed in.

“If there’s anything we can take away from the success of When Calls the Heart, it’s that these stories, these characters, and essentially their lives, is that they resonate and they matter deeply to so many of our viewers,” she said. “Eleven seasons is a celebration of the kind of heartwarming content that we strive to bring to the fans every year.”

First look

In one of the video clips Hallmark shared, Elizabeth tells Rosemary she wants to change her hair. Rosemary gasps and says, “Brilliant!”

In the next scene, Elizabeth walks into a room showing off her cute new bob and Nathan stares at her in rapture.

“Wow, you look, you look great,” he says.

Change seems to be a major theme in Season 11. In addition to a blossoming romance between Elizabeth and Nathan, Rosemary and Lee will continue to adjust to their new life as parents. And Lucas Bouchard will take on new duties in his role as governor.

“The most exciting season in a long time is coming, counting the days, can’t wait for S11,” wrote one on Facebook.

Season 11 of When Calls the Heart will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, April 7 at 9/8c.

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