The When Calls the Heart Season 10 finale left fans divided. (Image: Hallmark Media)

When Calls the Heart fans took to social media to share their opinions on Season 10 after Sunday night’s finale ended on an emotional cliffhanger.

Some were thrilled with the developments, including Lucas and Elizabeth breaking off their engagement and Henry becoming a godfather. Others were furious.

“Absolutely the worst season ever!” wrote one Heartie on the show’s Facebook page. “Watched since day one. Absolutely loved it all for it to be destroyed by a writer who knows nothing about the show!”

When Calls the Heart

Most Hearties were sounding off on Lucas and Elizabeth calling it quits. The trouble began when Lucas announced he wanted to run for governor. This would have meant a move for Elizabeth and Jack Junior away from Hope Valley. In a scene fraught with tension, Nathan let Elizabeth know he thought a move was a bad idea.

Soon after, Elizabeth told Lucas she wanted to stay in Hope Valley.

“This is where I want to raise my son,” she admitted. “This is where I want to be.”

He offered to stay but Elizabeth pulled a Humphrey-Bogart-in-Casablanca move by saying, “If you don’t get on that train, we both know you’ll regret it. You’re bound for a bigger stage, and I think you know that in your heart.”

He said, “I just hoped so much that I was wrong, and I was afraid to bring it up. But maybe these paths were meant to be.”

When Calls the Heart co-creator Brian Bird recently spoke to fans about the final season of the series. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Lucas vs Nathan

Between Lucas leaving and Nathan offering Elizabeth unsolicited advice, it became clear that the love triangle developed in earlier seasons was far from resolved. Though some fans were thrilled that she would not end up with Lucas, others felt led on by the writers, accusing them of putting in plot twists to increase ratings.

“Ratings are obviously what you truly care about well good luck with that!” wrote a fan on Facebook. “You destroyed a very lovable peaceful escape to many of us. I’ll just stick with it all Ended at the end of season 9. Do better.”

Others disagreed.

“Thank you for bringing back the Hope Valley I fell in love with!!” wrote another. “This is the show that I poured my heart and soul into. It lost its way for a bit, but it found its path again!!”

Some fans made it clear that the show will never be the same without Jack (Daniel Lissing), Elizabeth’s first husband.

“I’ve been re-watching season one and neither Lucas or Nathan show the excitement and passion that Jack shared with Elizabeth,” wrote one Heartie. His personality and love were one of a kind. Perhaps the writers can just leave her single until that special person comes to town. In my opinion, it’s neither men.”

Other developments

Some Hearties sounded off on Henry Gowen, who seemed to be having a redemptive story arc this season. Many were thrilled when he agreed to be the godfather of Lee and Rosemary Coulter’s baby, Goldie.

Still others were excited to see what might come next for Mike Hickam and Mei Suo, who had a budding romance this season.

Cast and crew are already hard at work on Season 11 of the series. Hallmark has not yet given a release date for the next season.

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