A Chesapeake Shores movie could be in the works

A Chesapeake Shores movie could be in the works

The writer behind one of Hallmark’s most popular TV series says that a Chesapeake Shores movie could be in the works. In a recent interview, author Sherryl Woods said she was disappointed when the show ended and that she and one of the show’s executive producers have spoken about bringing it back in a new form.

“That was my first TV baby, so I wanted more, too,” Woods told Parade. “And we were hopeful that we would be able to do some more but it didn’t happen. It’s very sad.”

Chesapeake Shores movie

Chesapeake Shores premiered on Hallmark Channel in 2016. Based on a series of books by Sherryl Woods, the show followed a single mother (Meghan Ory), who returns to her small coastal hometown following a divorce. She is immediately thrown back into the drama of her large family and reconnects with ex-boyfriend Trace Riley, who was played by Jesse Metcalfe.

The show also starred Dianne Ladd as the family’s formidable matriarch, Nell O’Brien, and Barbara Niven and Treat Williams as Abby’s parents. Brendan Penny, Emilie Ullerup, Laci Mailey, Jessica Sipos, and Andrew Francis also starred in the show.

Hallmark canceled the season after six seasons, airing the final episode in October 2022. Some even started a petition to get another network to pick up the series.

Sherryl Woods

Author Sherryl Woods recently gave an interview about Sweet Magnolias, another TV series based on her books. She said that she and Dan Paulson, one of the executive producers for Chesapeake Shores, have spoken about reviving the show.

“[We] continued to talk about whether there was someplace else or something else we could do with Chesapeake Shores, whether it was a few movies here and there, or trying to do something with the series,” she said.

Treat Williams

One obstacle to reviving the series is the fact that one of its stars, Treat Williams, recently passed away. The actor, who starred in the Broadway production of Grease and the movie version of Hair, was killed when he was riding his motorcycle in the small Vermont town where he lived with his wife.

Many of his Hallmark co-stars shared tributes to Williams on social media, sharing memories of working with the actor.

In her interview, Woods talked about how much the actor meant to her.

“He was just a genuinely nice guy,” Woods said. “He would, out of the blue, call up about something or other. I think the last time I had spoken to him in any depth was when he called on my birthday last year and we caught up. He meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me to be able to have somebody like him in that show…losing Treat was a huge blow for all of us.”

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