Hearties have been waiting more than a year for the Season 10 premiere of When Calls the Heart. Here's everything you need to know about the new season. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Hearties, the Season 10 premiere of When Calls the Heart is finally here. More than a year after the premiere of Season 9, Hallmark will air new episodes of its longest-running original series.

“In just four days, follow your hearts back to Hope Valley!” read a post on Hallmark Channel’s Facebook page below a poster for Season 10.

Season 10 premiere

When Calls the Heart typically premieres in February or March. But Hallmark pushed back the Season 10 start date in order to promote two new shows, The Way Home and Ride. (The Way Home, which stars Andie MacDowell, has already been approved for a second season. As of publication, Hallmark had not yet commented publicly about another season of Ride.)

To soften the blow, Hallmark announced that it had already signed off on Season 11. The cast and crew began filming on July 17 on the Jamestown set in British Columbia. American cast members who are part of SAG-AFTRA — the union that has been on strike since July 14 — have been granted a waiver to work while the strike continues.

What’s up in Hope Valley?

“First, the coal mine was destroyed,” she says. “Then the oil wells dried up. And then we lost the foundry, and with it, the promise of new jobs. But in true Hope Valley fashion, Florence, Molly, and Minnie started a swap meet so that nothing would go to waste.”

Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)

“Rosemary insisted that Lee hire everyone he could from the oil company and wouldn’t let anything stop her from lending a hand, even though she’s just a few weeks from giving birth. We’ve all rolled up our sleeves, relying on generosity and kindness and neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone has dedicated themselves to doing their part and having fun while they do it.”

But Hallmark has revealed that in the first episode of the season, the children discover a set of hot springs in the woods near the town. Immediately, there is talk of turning them into a tourist destination to bring in some money.

Baby talk

One storyline that has fans buzzing is Rosemary’s pregnancy. Hearties were thrilled when Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) discovered at the end of Season 9 that they were expecting. Hutton shared photos of Rosemary’s baby bump on social media earlier in the year, prompting some fans to speculate that Rosemary might be having twins.

The wedding

Another storyline that has fans buzzing is the upcoming wedding between Elizabeth and Lucas (Chris McNally). In a recent interview, Krakow revealed that wedding planning will be in full swing.

“There’s cake tasting and invitations and you know, talk of dress designs…all the good stuff,” she said in an interview with ET.

Romance for Nathan

Hearties will also get to see if Nathan (Kevin McGarry) finds true love. In an interview before the premiere of Season 9, McGarry hinted that romance is in his future.

Fans have been left to figure out which of Hope Valley’s eligible ladies he will end up with. Though sparks flew when Mei Suo (Amanda Wong) rode into town, he also had a few moments with Dr. Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks). A trailer for the upcoming season shows Brooks falling into McGarry’s arms.

When Calls the Heart will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, July 30 at 9/8c.

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