Three Wise Men and a Baby is the most-watched cable movie of the year.What's on the Hallmark schedule this weekend? New Christmas movies including Three Wise Men and a Baby. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Paul Campbell recently weighed in on whether fans can expect a sequel to the hit Christmas movie Three Wise Men and a Baby. The actor, who co-wrote the script for the film with fellow Hallmark star Kimberly Sustad, said he had already broached the subject with the higher-ups at the network.

Three Wise Men and a Baby premiered during the 2022 Countdown to Christmas lineup on Hallmark Channel. Starring Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Andrew Walker, the comedy was an immediate hit. It became the most-watched movie on cable in 2022.

Three Wise Men and a Baby

In the movie, Campbell, Hynes, and Walker play three brothers who are so busy arguing with each other that they can’t even give their mother (played by Margaret Colin) the peaceful family Christmas she longs for. When Walker’s character finds an abandoned baby at the fire station where he works, he brings the child home to his mother. While they try to track down the baby’s parents, the brothers are forced to work together and even end up participating in some Christmas traditions they avoided in the past. (Cue the hilarious scenes where the three guys dress up as elves.)

The Hallmark Christmas movie Three Wise Men and a Baby is already making people laugh and it hasn't been released yet

A sequel

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Campbell said it is highly unlikely that there will be a sequel to the movie. The writer and actor said he asked network executives about doing another movie with the same characters.

He was told that Hallmark doesn’t do sequels.

“Hallmark has said many, many times over the years, they don’t do sequels,” Campbell said. “The problem is it’s really hard to tell a love story twice. And that movie is still a love story. It’s a story about brothers rediscovering their love for each other. We talked with the network early on about a potential sequel and they just said, ‘We love the movie. We’d love to sort of work with you guys again in another capacity, but it’s just not going to be in powers on this one.’ So, unfortunately, unless we get a miracle, I would say the chances are zero.”

The answer came as a shock to fans, who have been hoping to see a second Three Wise Men and a Baby movie.

Some fans pointed out that Hallmark does, in fact, do sequels. In 2022, the network premiered The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls. The film, which starred Treat Williams, Robert Buckley, and Jonathan Bennett, was a sequel to the original Countdown to Christmas movie The Christmas House.

There were also sequels to each movie in the popular Wedding Veil trilogy, which starred Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser.

But Campbell said chances of a remake are zero and that it would take “a miracle” to get a second movie in the works.

Hynes and Campbell

Campbell did say he would love to work with Tyler Hynes again.

“I’ll take Tyler Hynes any day of the week,” Campbell said. “I think he’s hysterical. I love him as a person and I feel like if we brought him in to cameo, he’d come in and do something really weird. He’d be on board to do something really, really strange.”

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