All the details from the first episode of Hallmark’s new show

All the details from the first episode of Hallmark’s new show

The Way Home, “Mothers and Daughter”

When the first episode started, it was 1814 in the small town of Port Haven, New Brunswick. A young woman is running through the woods, pursued by an angry mob. When she reaches a pond in a clearing, she murmurs a few words and jumps in. She comes to the surface and her pursuers are gone.

The story then jumps to the present day in Minneapolis, Minn., where a teenage girl named Alice is waiting to perform in her high school’s talent show. When she looks out at the audience, her mother is nowhere in sight and her father is busy looking at his phone. She runs from the auditorium, pulling a fire alarm before she leaves the building.

Her mother, Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), is running up the front steps of the school when she sees her ex-husband, Brady, and the school’s principal. The principal tells them that Alice has been expelled from school. Kat tells her ex-husband that she has just been fired from her job as a reporter. To add insult to injury, he tells her his girlfriend has moved in with him.

Big trouble

Brady receives a text message from his girlfriend letting him know that Alice is at home. When Brady and Kat arrive, they find she is throwing a full-on house party with the kids from school. They break up the party and Alice tells her mom that their family is “a mistake.”

That evening, Kat finds a letter from her mother, Del Landry (Andie MacDowell) with only two words: “Come home.” She picks up the phone and calls her mother.

A teenage Kat and a time-traveling Alice on the Landry farm. (Image: Hallmark Media)
A teenage Kat and a time-traveling Alice on the Landry farm. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Return to Port Haven

Kat takes an unwilling Alice to Port Haven to meet her grandmother for the first time ever. Del is thrilled to meet Alice but practically ignores Kat. When the two finally get a moment alone together, Kat asks her about the letter but Del says she never sent a letter and walks away.

The next morning, Kat overhears her mother talking with Kat’s childhood friend Elliot Augustine, asking him if he sent the letter. Before he can answer, Kat gives him a hug, thrilled to see him again. He has moved back to Port Haven to teach science at the local high school.

The new girl

At school, Alice is the center of attention, with some of the students claiming she burned down her school in Minneapolis. When she runs into Elliot, he tells her that if she needs any help, at any time, she can come to him.

At the house, Kat goes into the basement to look through the things that belonged to her father, Colton, and her brother, Jacob, who passed away within three months of each other when she was a teenager. Del finds her there and tells her that Alice has skipped school.

When Kat confronts Alice, Alice says she never wanted a fresh start and that she wants their family to go back to the way it was. Kat tells her that Brady’s girlfriend has moved in with him. Crushed, Alice runs away into the woods. When she reaches the pond, she throws her bracelet into the water then changes her mind and tries to fish it out. She falls in and is rescued by a teenage girl who introduces herself as Kat Landry. It takes Alice a while to realize that she has traveled through time and she is talking to a teenage version of her mother.

Del and Alice at the farmers market. (Image: Hallmark Media)
(Image: Hallmark Media)

It’s 1999

She goes to the Landry house and meets her uncle Jacob, who is still a little boy, and her grandfather. The family seems happy and close. When dinner is over, she says goodbye and gives her teenage mother a hug. Jacob snaps a Polaroid picture of the two. Alice then goes to Elliot’s house and tells him he once told her she could ask for help at any time. Teenage Elliot is mystified.

Meanwhile, in the present, Kat is frantic because Alice is still missing. When she finds that Alice has been looking through Jacob’s belongings, she finds the Polaroid picture he took of her and Alice in 1999. Alice’s image is blurred. Elliot then texts her, telling her not to worry about Alice, that she will find her way home.

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