Tyler Jacob Moore: Fans of Hallmark’s show Ride are in for some big surprises

Tyler Jacob Moore: Fans of Hallmark’s show Ride are in for some big surprises

Tyler Jacob Moore told fans of Hallmark’s show Ride to hold on tight because they are in for a surprise. In a recent interview, the actor said that many of the questions raised in the first part of the season — about his character and others on the show — will soon be answered, though not necessarily in the way they might think.

“It’s not going to go the way you think,” he said during the Hallmarkies Podcast. “…The writers knew what they were doing.”

Moore said he loves how the show’s writers have peppered the script with clues about the various backstories. It means viewers can, if they pay attention, figure out what is going on before it is revealed.

Hallmark’s show Ride

Tyler Jacob Moore stars as Gus Booker on the series, which premiered in March on Hallmark Channel.

His character comes from a wealthy family and is interested in purchasing the McMurray ranch from Isabel (played by Nancy Travis) who is ready to give up on the operation following the death of both her husband and her oldest son, Austin (played by Marcus Rosner).

Cash (Beau Mirchoff) and Missy (Tiera Skovbye) share a moment in Hallmark's rodeo show Ride. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Many members of Isabel’s family are skeptical of Gus, believing he will sell off the land to greedy developers. But Gus seems genuine in his desire to learn the ropes and continue running the ranch.

The audience may change its view of Gus after meeting his family in upcoming episodes.

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“You will fully understand why his reputation preceded him and probably rightfully so,” he said.

About Tyler Jacob Moore

A native of Illinois, Moore got his start acting in home movies written and directed by his brother. He earned his degree in musical theater from Palm Beach Atlantic University and served in the Army before starting his career as an actor in Los Angeles.

He has appeared in the TV shows Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, GCB, Seal Team, and Chicago Fire. Moore also appeared on the series Once Upon a Time with his Ride co-star Marcus Rosner.

Ride is Moore’s first role with Hallmark Media, and he says he has been pleasantly surprised. He particularly likes that Ride focuses on strong, independent women who aren’t defined by their romantic relationships.

Learning the two-step

Though Moore had experience riding horses, he had to learn how to dance for his role on the show. He said all the actors had lessons but he got a little extra help from a kind stranger. After he put out a call for help on the Internet, he said a science teacher in Calgary for a conference agreed to meet him in a park and helped him polish his moves.

Moore said he hopes people continue to watch the series, which is airing on Hallmark Channel on Sundays and is also streaming on Hallmark Movies Now and Peacock.

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