Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton in Season 5 of When Calls the Heart. Writers told fans another wedding will soon happen in Hope Valley. (Image: Hallmark Media)

A writer for the hit Hallmark show When Calls the Heart dropped some exciting hints about upcoming developments in Season 10. These included mentions of Elizabeth’s upcoming wedding to Lucas, the birth of Lee and Rosemary Coulter’s baby, and a possible romance for Nathan.

“I hope the Hearties are feeling as excited as we are to dive into these long-anticipated events,” said Elizabeth Stewart, a writer and executive producer for the series in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Stewart said she appreciated fans’ patience in bringing these stories to the screen.

“…it was important to let Elizabeth take her time with Lucas and for Rosemary and Lee to become contented with their lives together before the baby surprise,” she said.

Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)
Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)

When Calls the Heart

Fans were unpleasantly surprised when Hallmark announced that Season 10 of the hit series When Calls the Heart would not premiere until July 2023. Past seasons had their premiere in February or March. But Hallmark has reserved the time previously used for When Calls the Heart to debut two new series, The Way Home and Ride.

As a consolation, Hallmark announced the series had been renewed for an eleventh season.

The Wedding

Chris McNally, Hyland Goodrich, and Erin Krakow on When Calls the Heart
(Image: Hallmark Media)

One of the most anticipated moments of the upcoming season is Elizbaeth’s wedding to Lucas. Though not all fans were pleased when Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) chose Lucas (Chris McNally) over Nathan (Kevin McGarry) in the Season 8 finale, many had resigned themselves to the romance. The storyline got a boost when Lucas proposed to Elizabeth with help from her son, Jack.

But if Hearties are expecting to see a repeat of Elizabeth’s wedding to Jack (Daniel Lissing), they are in for a surprise.

“Elizabeth is in a different place than she was with Jack,” said Stewart. “The experiences of widowhood and motherhood have deepened her. I don’t think she needs or even desires to be swept off her feet in quite that once-in-a-lifetime way she was with Jack. Including Little Jack in the proposal is a signal that her top priority now is as a mother.”

Brendan Penny and Erin Krakow lead the April movie lineup on Hallmark. Six new movies will premiere, including a new mystery. (Image: Instagram/@erinkrakow)

Baby Coulter

Hearties are also looking forward to the birth of Lee and Rosemary Coulter’s baby. The couple (played by Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton) have faced disappointment in past seasons trying to start a family. But fans were thrilled when Rosemary told Lee she was pregnant at the end of Season 10.

Hutton set off speculation that her character may be pregnant with twins after sharing a video of Rosemary’s baby bump.

“Judging by the size of that bump, they are definitely have twins,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

“They’re having twins: a boy and a girl,” wrote another Heartie. “That way Hope Valley gets a mini Lee and a mini Rosemary.”

Rosemary and Lee try to make Little Jack smile for the camera.
(Image: Hallmark Media)

Stewart weighed in, saying watching Rosemary and Lee become parents will be fun.

“I expect that Rosemary will approach giving birth with the same take-charge attitude with which she approaches everything else — which of course means she’s in for some shock and surprises,” she said.

A romance

And finally, there’s Nathan. During Season 10 he had a flirtation with newcomer Mei Suo (played by Amanda Wong). He also had some serious conversations with Dr. Faith Carter (played by Andrea Brooks.) Both have prompted speculation among fans that Nathan will find true love soon.

Hearties, what are your thoughts? Should Nathan end up with Mei Suo or Dr. Faith? Let us know in the comments:

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