A Heartland Christmas movie? The show’s producer drops an exciting hint

A Heartland Christmas movie? The show’s producer drops an exciting hint

A producer of the hit series Heartland said she would love to do another Heartland Christmas movie.

“…We did the Christmas movie after Season 3,” said Heather Conkie, the show’s frontrunner and one of its executive producers in an interview on Keep Heartland Strong. “I would love to do another Christmas movie. You know there’s Lyndy now seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes.”

Conkie made the comment during an interview with Nita Abbott, who runs @KeepHeartlandStrong on YouTube and the Keep Heartland Strong page on Facebook. In the course of the interview, Conkie talked about the show’s continued success after 16 seasons on the air.

“It’s a kinder gentler place,” Conkie said. “I mean, everyone in this day and age is dying for a kinder gentler year to exist in, a place that you can look at and love and appreciate nature. …It’s like therapy.

Hit TV show Heartland

Amber Marshall (as Amy Fleming) on the hit series Heartland. (Image: CBC)
Heartland (Image: CBC)

The hit TV show Heartland is Canada’s longest-running one-hour drama. The series premiered on television in October 2007. Set in rural Alberta, the show told the story of a teenage girl who was living on her grandfather’s horse ranch following a tragic car accident that took her mother’s life.

Over the course of 16 seasons, the show has been nominated for more than 80 awards and has won the Directors Guild of Canada Award for Best Family Television Series five times.

A Heartland Christmas movie

CBC released a holiday special in 2010. In A Heartland Christmas, ranch owner Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston) receives an anonymous call about a group of starving horses who have been stranded by an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains. He sends Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) to rescue them.

The team behind Hallmark's new show, The Way Home
Heather Conkie and her daughter, Alexandra Clarke. (Image: Twitter)

In her interview with Nita Abbott (which can be watched here), Conkie also talked about the unique experience she has had working on Heartland.

“I got chills,” Conkie said watching the show’s footage during the editing process. “And I just thought I don’t get chills that often on a show that I’m involved with.”

Conkie has written and produced a number of shows for television, including Dark Oracle, Port Hope, and Road to Avonlea.

Her latest project is a new series for Hallmark Channel called The Way Home. The multi-generational drama will premiere on January 15.

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