Screenwriter Rod Spence says a new Good Witch movie could be coming to Hallmark

Screenwriter Rod Spence says a new Good Witch movie could be coming to Hallmark

The man who created Cassie Nightingale said he believes a new Good Witch movie could be coming to Hallmark. In an interview on the Keep Heartland Strong YouTube channel, screenwriter Rod Spence said he doesn’t think the TV series will return but Hallmark will probably make more movies.

“I think there’s a very good chance it could come back as a movie or a series of movies,” Spence said.

Two of the show’s stars have made similar comments, leading Goodies to hope they will get to see their favorite characters onscreen again.

The Good Witch

Spence wrote the screenplay for The Good Witch back in 2004. He was trying to sell action-movie screenplays when his agent suggested he take a phone meeting with a Hallmark executive. She told Spence that the network liked to do holiday-themed movies but that they always struggled with Halloween.

“I said, ‘Well let me take a shot at that, let me see what I can come up with,’” Spence said. “So I hung up the phone and an amazing thing happened. Within 45 minutes I had the I had the basic idea for The Good Witch.”

Though he finished the script that year, it took another three years before Hallmark brought it to life on the small screen.

“I kind of think this was divine timing that it just laid there for three years until Catherine Bell came along,” he said. “She was absolutely Cassie Nightingale from day one.”

Catherine Bell in the 2008 Hallmark movie The Good Witch. The actress recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works.
Catherine Bell in the 2008 movie The Good Witch. Bell recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works. (Image: Hallmark Media)

The movie was so successful that Hallmark commissioned a sequel. Spence offered to write a third movie for the series, which Hallmark wanted to make as a Christmas movie. In The Good Witch’s Gift, Cassie Nightingale got married in a Christmas-themed wedding.

The network made a series of movies featuring the characters Spence created. In 2015, Hallmark premiered a TV series based on the movies.

The magic of Cassie Nightingale

Spence said he believes the character of Cassie Nightingale was responsible for much of the franchise’s popularity.

“The key to Cassie’s character for me, and what made her so unique and successful is very simple: She’s a woman that no matter who comes to her or what situation comes to her she always responds with unconditional love,” Spence said. “That’s the whole key and that’s what makes her so unique. And you can do so much with that.”

New Good Witch movie

Hallmark shocked fans when it announced it was canceling the series in July 2021. Goodies have been trying to get the show back on the air ever since, something Spence doesn’t believe will happen.

“It just doesn’t make any business sense to do that as a series,” Spence said.

He explained that costs associated with a TV show tend to increase over the years, and without high enough ratings, the network can’t justify keeping it alive. But it’s highly likely that Hallmark will make a movie featuring Cassie Nightingale and her family, he said. Spence even volunteered to write the script.

“If Hallmark needs a writer for the next Good Witch movie, give me a call!” he said. “I would certainly love to do that.”

To watch the full interview with Rod Spence on @KeepHeartlandStrong, click here.

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