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Best friends find romance and Christmas magic in new Hallmark movie

Cindy Busby and Kat Barrell play best friends who take a Christmas-themed road trip in the new Hallmark movie Everything Christmas. Along the way, they also meet two eligible bachelors and a man who may or may not be the real Santa Claus. The film, which will premiere as part of the network’s Countdown to […]

Good Witch star Rebecca Dalton headlines in new Hallmark Christmas movie

Good Witch star Rebecca Dalton will headline the new Hallmark Christmas movie Christmas By Design. In the movie, she plays a designer who gets the career opportunity of a lifetime and ends up falling in love. “Charlotte (Rebecca Dalton) heads back to her hometown and finds her work, and her heart, inspired by Spencer’s (Jonathan […]

How Hallmark launched one of the most popular Halloween movie franchises in the world

Hallmark may be well known for its Christmas movies but the company has also has one of the most popular Halloween movie franchises on TV. In 2008 the company released a movie called The Good Witch. Starring British actress Catherine Bell, the film told the story of a mysterious woman who moved to a small […]

A complete list of the movies in the Good Witch series (and how to watch them)

Hallmark introduced fans to Cassie Nightingale in the 2008 movie The Good Witch. Played by British actress Catherine Bell, the character developed a loyal fan base and 11 more movies would follow. In 2015, the network created a TV series based on the character, which ran for seven seasons until Hallmark abruptly cancelled it in […]

Kat Barrell just finished directing a Christmas movie starring her Good Witch castmates

In a recent appearance on Instagram, Good Witch star Kat Barrell said she just finished directing a Christmas movie starring some of her castmates from Good Witch. “It was amazing,” Barrell said. “It was all-consuming between the directing and the trying to be present with my family. It was a mad dash for the past […]

Screenwriter Rod Spence says a new Good Witch movie could be coming to Hallmark

The man who created Cassie Nightingale said he believes a new Good Witch movie could be coming to Hallmark. In an interview on the Keep Heartland Strong YouTube channel, screenwriter Rod Spence said he doesn’t think the TV series will return but Hallmark will probably make more movies. “I think there’s a very good chance […]

Hallmark’s new TV show The Way Home is set to debut in January and already fans have some questions. The network released a trailer for the series, which will star Andie MacDowell and Chyler Leigh. When it posted the clip to social media, fans immediately raised questions.

“Every time we get interested in and devoted to a series it gets canceled,” wrote one fan in the Facebook comments section.

“No more series for me,” wrote another. “I just start watching then they cancel them.”

Other fans commented on how similar the show seemed to other Hallmark series.

“A mysterious and beautiful woman with magical powers? Sounds like Good Witch to me,” wrote another.

Hallmark’s new TV show

The Way Home follows the lives of three generations of women – Kat Landry (Leigh), her 15-year-old daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) and Kat’s mother, Del (MacDowell). More than 20 years prior, tragic events prompted Kat to move away from her small, Canadian farm town of Port Haven. She and her mother became estranged for reasons Kat has never shared with her daughter.

With Kat’s marriage coming to an end and having just been laid off from her job, she decides to return home after receiving an unexpected letter from Del urging her to come back. Although Alice is not happy with the decision, Kat and her daughter arrive at her family’s farm, though the reunion isn’t what Kat had envisioned. As the three generations of women slowly work on finding their footing as a family, they embark on an enlightening – and surprising – journey none of them could have imagined.

Though Hallmark has been vague with many details, the network shared that time travel is a big part of the story.

“What if you could see your family before it was broken?” says the narrator in the trailer Hallmark released. “What if the only way forward is to go back?”

The series is being written by the mother-daughter team Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke. The pair, who wrote the script for the Disney Channel movie Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, have also collaborated on the award-winning series Heartland.

Andie MacDowell returning to Hallmark Channel in new TV series

MacDowell’s return to Hallmark

From 2013 to 2015, MacDowell starred as Judge Olivia Lockhart on the Hallmark series Cedar Cove. Based on the books by Debbie Macomber, the show followed the residents of a small town on Puget Sound in Washington State. The ensemble cast also included Sarah Smyth, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Brennan Elliott, Barbara Niven, Cindy Busby, and Jesse Hutch.

Hallmark canceled the series after three seasons. In the past two years, Hallmark has canceled two other series. Good Witch ended after seven seasons. Chesapeake Shores finished after six. Fans have been trying to get both series back on the air.

“I’m so disappointed the great series we had were canceled,” wrote a fan on Facebook. “I wish another channel would pick them up the actors didn’t want their series to end.”

“Sounds interesting, looking forward to it. Please give it a chance before canceling,” wrote a fan.

The Way Home will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, January 15 at 9/8c.


James Denton thinks there’s a good chance for a return of Good Witch. In a recent interview, the actor said the odds are decent that Hallmark could bring Good Witch back for another movie or another season.

“I think there’s a chance. I know [with] the popularity of the show and the circumstances under which it ended sort of abruptly that it would not surprise me if we revisit it,” said Denton, who played Dr. Sam Radford in the show and the movies that made up the Good Witch franchise.

Return of Good Witch

Fans have been clamoring for a return of Good Witch since the show was abruptly canceled in July 2021. Only three episodes of Season 7 were left to air when Hallmark announced it would not renew it for another season.

“Good Witch has enchanted viewers for over a decade,” said Randy Pope, Hallmark’s senior vice president of programming and development. “We…extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.”

Fans felt blindsided by the decision, especially since it seemed to come out of nowhere. They immediately began several petitions on change.org and began sending letters and emails to Hallmark asking the network to keep the show on the air.

When the series became popular on Netflix, fans asked the streaming platform to consider making the show. Fans also approached Bill Abbott, former Hallmark CEO, asking him to consider reviving the show on Great American Family, a new network he recently started.

After a year of campaigning, fans thought they had made progress when a Hallmark exec hinted at a return of the franchise.

During an appearance at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Lisa Hamilton-Daly, executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, told reporters the network was considering what to do with several of its franchises.

“As far as Good Witch, I think we’re always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP,” Hamilton-Daly said.

Catherine Bell in the 2008 Hallmark movie The Good Witch, the first of the Good Witch movies. The actress recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works. (Image: Hallmark Media)
Catherine Bell in the 2008 Hallmark movie The Good Witch, the first of the Good Witch movies. The actress recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Catherine Bell weighs in

Catherine Bell, who played Cassie Nightingale in the movies and the show, sparked excitement in a recent video on the Cameo app in which she said a movie might be in the works.

“Hopefully we’ll get a movie done here one of these days and bring all those characters back,” Bell said in her message to two fans who recently got married. “That is the hope we are working on but we’ll see if it actually happens but working on it.”

Denton confirmed the possibility of a Good Witch return during an interview with TV Insider to promote his latest Hallmark film, Perfect Harmony.

“Nobody’s made me an offer,” he clarified. “There’s nothing in the works, but I think the odds are decent just because I know the network respects the franchise. It ran for 14 years between the movies and the series. So I think there’s a decent chance, but I had to say in the same breath there is nothing in the immediate works.”


Fans of the canceled Hallmark series Good Witch are angry after a network exec mentioned the series in a recent interview but then failed to respond to questions about whether the series was coming back.

During an appearance at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Lisa Hamilton-Daly, executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, told reporters the network was considering what to do with several of its franchises.

“As far as Good Witch, I think we’re always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP,” Hamilton-Daly said. “I can’t announce anything specific about that. And that also holds for Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

The comment set off a wave of speculation on social media about whether Good Witch was being brought back. The show was canceled in July 2021. Since then, fans have been petitioning to get the show back on the air. In addition to asking Hallmark to revive the series, members of the Save Good Witch campaign have directed inquiries to Netflix and Great American Family, a new network started by Hallmark’s former CEO Bill Abbott.

Good Witch fans accuse Hallmark of lying about the show for publicity.
A fan weighs in on Twitter

Good Witch publicity

Following Hamilton-Daly’s comments, fans began contacting Hallmark to see if the show was coming back. But Goodies say they were met with form responses, silence, or even blocking of their emails.

Now fans are convinced that Hallmark mentioned the show just for publicity.

“Tired of you hinting around. Make the proper decisions for #Goodies, cast & crew,” one fan wrote on Facebook

“You cancelled #GOODWITCH because it ‘reached a natural conclusion’ but now you are ‘thinking about what we can do with it’… WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING?!” wrote another.

Another fan weighs in.

About the show

Good Witch ran from 2015 to 2021 on Hallmark Channel. The show was a spinoff of a series of movies the network made starring actress Catherine Bell. In the first of the movies, a mysterious woman moves to a small town named Middleton and takes up residence in an allegedly haunted house. Though the locals are wary of her at first, her kindness and charm win them over.

For many fans, it was the spiritual message behind the story lines that inspired them. On some social media posts, fans shared their favorite quotes from the series, including, “Taking a step in a new direction doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be a step,” and, “If you spend too much time thinking about what’s bad, you may lose what’s good.”

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