The romantic scene Tyler Hynes had added to a Hallmark movie

The romantic scene Tyler Hynes had added to a Hallmark movie

Tyler Hynes is an unapologetic romantic. The actor has appeared in 17 movies for Hallmark, including Sweet Carolina with Lacey Chabert, An Unexpected Christmas with Bethany Joy Lenz, and It Was Always You with Erin Krakow. In more than one interview, he has made it clear that he is a big fan of movies about love.

“…I mean, what is life without love?” he said during an interview with TV Fanatic. “It’s truly, this is the centerpiece of living essentially. And so all the stories that are to be told in that arena is a very worthwhile thing ’cause that is truly, in life, the center of…it all still.”

Tyler Hynes

Hallmark is known for romantic story lines that end in a kiss. But in the 2023 movie A Picture of Her, Tyler Hynes shared a kiss with his co-star at the end that left fans swooning.

“Yeah, there’s some COVID being passed in those kisses for sure,” he joked.

In the movie, Hynes plays Jake, a photographer who snaps a photo of a stranger that ends up being used on the cover of a magazine. The woman in the photo ends up tracking Jake down and the two become romantically involved.

Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes in the Hallmark movie It Was Always You. Krakow recently indicated she would love to make a sequel to the movie. (Image: Hallmark Media)

That kiss, though

In the final scene of the movie, Tyler’s character Jake gives co-star Rhiannon Fish a longing kiss before the two climb on his motorcycle and take off. It was a scene that Hynes had added in.

“Yeah, that final scene was something that wasn’t originally there and I was like, look guys, I think we’re missing an opportunity here,” he said. “I know legally it’s tough to get Rhiannon on the back of the bike with me, but there’s something to the image of the simplicity of her and I just in that moment together that’s sort of deeply simple and romantic and I’m really glad that we found the time and energy to be able to make that last sort of shot and sequence happen because I think it bookends the movie in a nice way and gives you a nice lasting image that can stay with you.”

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Um, you can say that again, Tyler.

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