Kat Barrell and Tyler Hynes in the new Hallmark movie Shifting Gears. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Kat Barrell and Tyler Hynes get to show off their skating moves in the new Hallmark rom-com Shifting Gears, which premieres this weekend as part of the Spring Into Love lineup.

In a short Instagram video, Hynes and Barrell show off some impressive moves on the roller rink. Hynes, who posted the clip, also teased co-star Kristin Booth.

“If you close your eyes and listen carefully…you can still hear @kristintbooth falling in that roller rink,” Hynes wrote in the caption.

Booth replied with, “@tyler_hynes bahahahaha!! It was quite the fall but worth it to get all that delicious bts footage!

New Hallmark movie

In Shifting Gears, Barrell plays mechanic Jess Barro, who runs a garage with her father (played by James Burke). Business is tight thanks to competition from a big auto repair shop chain in town. When she finds out about an auto restoration competition, she enters in the hope of winning the prize money.

But she’s shocked to discover that she will be competing with her ex-boyfriend Luke (played by Tyler Hynes). As the competition revs up, Jess and Luke’s personal rivalry becomes a big hit with the audience and producers alike. After a few misfires, they work through their former relationship and start to bond again over their shared love of classic cars.

“As they speed toward the finish line, Luke has a disastrous painting mishap that threatens to ruin Jess’ chances of winning,” reads a synopsis. “And when she learns his dad plans to buy her family’s garage, she suspects the painting disaster was sabotage rather than an accident. Will their relationship break down again and be beyond repair, or will they be able to restore it and jump-start their romance once again?”

A family affair

Hynes has had a blast posting footage from the set. In another video, he showed his nieces visiting him behind the scenes.

“Lonely guy,” he wrote in the caption. “Family shows up at work. For the first time ever.”

He was clearly thrilled to see his nieces, Haylie and Ella, and show them around the set.

“Now they don’t answer my calls,” he joked.

He also posted a tribute to his mother (which can be viewed here) when she came to visit.

“Her love of going to the movies, which she passed to me, is surpassed only by her love of seeing them being made,” he wrote.

Make Her Mark

Shifting Gears was directed by Crystal Lowe (yes, of Signed, Sealed, Delivered fame) as part of Hallmark’s Make Her Mark directing program. Initiated by Ashley Williams, the program allows aspiring female directors to work with experienced women filmmakers on Hallmark movies.

Lowe has posted regularly from the set, thanking just about everyone who worked on the film.

“I’m so stoked that I can finally share the journey of directing with all of you!” she wrote in an Instagram post. “This was the beginning!! Meet @scott891 one of the other producers on #shiftinggears who held my hand during the stress and excitement of prep! Prepare yourselves to come on the journey with me and meet all of the incredible people that made this movie happen!!”

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